Droid Daily 4/2/13: HTC One, Elecom USB, Apple Patents, Pandora and More


Apple's Bounce Back Patent is on Shaky Ground

You know that bounce back patent that Apple has? Well the USPTO has been checking it out to see if it should be patented or not. Here's their Final Office Action:

This Final Office Action by the USPTO is relevant because it finally rejects multiple claims of the '381 patent …


This final rejection includes claim 19, which is the only claim of the '381 patent at issue in this action. The jury found at trial that 21 accused Samsung products infringed claim 19 of the '381 patent.

Quickoffice For Google Apps For Business Launches

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Best thing about it? It's free on the Play Store. Google had acquired Quickoffice last year, and we've all been waiting to see what Google would do with it. Well today they've launched it for Google Apps for Business. Grab it on the Play Store now.


Pandora Gets Updated

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Today, Pandora saw a nice update for Android. It brought lock screen controls, so you can now play, pause, skip and more straight from your lock screen without having to unlock. A pretty neat and cool update if you ask me. You can grab it on the Play Store now.

Elecom's USB Drive Allows you to transfer data from PC to Android



Using Elecom's new USB drive, you can easily transfer data from your desktop over to your Android phone or Android powered laptop. It's quite easy and actually rather interesting. I might have to pick up one of these flash drives.

T-Mobile's HTC One Sign up Page Updated


Today, T-Mobile's HTC One Sign up page got an update. It now adds a free car dock to the deal. It's now clear that HTC and T-Mobile are definitely trying to push this phone, which is something HTC has needed to do for a while. You can sign up here.


Colourform from HD Widgets hits the Play Store


Leaving beta, Colourform is made by our friends over at HD Widgets. It's now available in Google Play for $0.99. You'll want to go check it out, they have some great looking widgets available. Grab it from Google Play