Droid Daily 4/1/13: T-Mobile, Verizon, Google, and More


T-Mobile and MetroPCS Deal Could Fail

The shareholder vote on this deal between the 4th and 5th largest US carriers are closing in. It appears that the deal is in some real danger of failing. Which would definitely hurt T-Mobile's parent company.

Verizon Finishes Full Purchase of Mohave Wireless



Verizon has now finished off their purchase of Mohave Wireless. They are getting ready for full network integration come early 2014. Of course, Verizon didn't disclose any financial numbers with today's press release.

Nuance Voice Ads


Now, Nuance Voice Ads allows you to converse with mobile advertisements. Pretty interesting. But how realistic is this?


HTC One Appears on RadioShack Flyer


Today, a Radioshack flyer appeared with the HTC One on board. It appears that RadioShack will be offering it with a $50 Google Play Gift Card. Not a bad deal at all.

Google Q1 2013 Earnings – Coming April 18th



On April 18th, Google will be doing their earnings call for Q1 of the year. Let's see how much money Motorola has cost them this time.

 Tapatalk HD Gets Updated

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Today, Tapatalk HD got updated. You know the app you use to check out your favorite forums on your tablet? You can grab it on the Play Store.


Galaxy S4 for Verizon Visits the FCC


Today, the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 visited the FCC. So we should be seeing it launch in the next few weeks or so.

Nexus 4 Heading to Telus in Canada



The Nexus 4 is still heading to various carriers worldwide. Even though it's been available for nearly 5 months now. It's now headed to Telus in Canada.