Does Anyone Want Samsung's Galaxy Mega?

Samsung is well-known for their vigorous attempts to grab every potential slice of market share that they can. They have a mind-boggling 27 different screen sizes across their lineup. While producing that many iterations can be confusing, success is clearly the result as they now ship more smartphones than Apple or any other manufacturer.

Samsung is now thrusting yet another model into their mash-up of devices. Their latest entrant, the Samsung Galaxy Mega, has some decent specs with a 1.7Ghz dual core, a Gig and a half of RAM and a 720p display. This device is decidedly mid-range with its middle of the road processor and a 720p display overshadowed by many of the recently announced 1080p panels. The Mega would have been destined to be ignored had that display not been a massive 6.3 inches.

This phone once pushes forward the screen size argument as old as the original HTC EVO 4g with its then giant 4.3 inch display. 6.3 inches blurs the line between phablet and tablet and I think that could be good thing. Many people would like to purchase a normal sized phone and a full sized tablet but financially it just doesn't make sense. With this device you get a many of the benefits of both in one slim package. As a bonus you even get data for your big screen without having to sell your kidneys to pay for a data plan.

So this device would make sense for some people, but could anyone really be comfortable with a phone this large? While I have yet to touch the phone I can give a definite yes. There are days where I don't put my Nexus 7 down and it is significantly less svelte than this device. I can even put it in my front pocket. If I can get used to a seven inch tablet in my pocket, I guarantee the Mega would be downright comfy and for the purse users out there, well you know how much stuff fits in there.

Will this device be a surprise success like the Galaxy Note was? I doubt it. However, I do expect this device to do rather well, especially in developing markets where phones like the Note 2 are prized but unavailable to much of the population. If the unlocked price is right it may even do well in the US, I know I wouldn't mind it with my unlimited T-mobile plan, as that huge display would be killer for YouTube videos. Can you see yourself enjoying a phone this large, or do you think it is just going a little too far? Let us know in the comments below!

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