Dish Network Bids $25.5 Billion for Sprint; Takes on Softbank

April 15, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

For the first time in a long time, the US Wireless Industry looks set to change quite a bit as carriers are changing the way they go about their business, they’re merging and in the case of Sprint, they’re being bought outright. T-Mobile has changed their game by announcing themselves as the first “UNcarrier” with plans that are more affordable, transparent and a handset system that actually makes a lot of sense. AT&T and Verizon however, seem perfectly fine the way they are. Sprint looks all set to be gobbled up by the Japanese carrier, Softbank but now, a new fighter has entered the ring in the form of the Dish Network.

Dish Network has thrown in an offer of $25.5 Billion for the company, which could see Softbank fall to the higher offer. If such a thing were to happen though, the Japanese company would still own 5% of Sprint’s shares. It’s interesting that Dish Network are now eyeing up Sprint, with their offer to buy out Clearwire apparently not pleasing anyone. Regardless, if the deal were to go through the plan is to target a more rural user base, instead of taking on Verizon et al on at their own game.

With T-Mobile and MetroPCS look set to tie the knot, it’s interesting to see something happen with Sprint as well, it could lead to further expansion of the carrier’s poor LTE offerings and bring wireless coverage to those that don’t already have access to it. You’ve got to hand it to Dish, going after the rural side of the market is a smart move, after all T-Mobile and others have enough on their plate trying to stay relevant, without having to expand into areas that might give little return.

While nothing is concrete just yet, Dish Network could well become the proud owner of their very on Wireless Carrier. What do you think this could mean for the Us Wireless Industry, will things change or just stay the same as they always have been?

[Source: Engadget]