Chromebook Pixel: Unboxing & Initial Thoughts


So today, a nice package from Google showed up on my doorstep. It is the Chromebook Pixel. Now before we get into doing a full fledged review, I figured I'd go ahead and do a nice unboxing and initial thoughts post on the Pixel. Sorta like a teaser for our readers. Don't worry there will be tons of content coming about the Chromebook Pixel.


2013-04-25 09.55.49


The Chromebook Pixel comes in a nice and minimal white box which you see at the beginning of this post.  Once you open the box, you are greeted with the beast, the Chromebook Pixel. Underneath you'll find your power cord and warranty information and other stuff most of us won't read.

Initial Impressions

2013-04-25 10.00.07

So I pulled out the Chromebook Pixel, I opened it, and before I could even more the box it was all booted up and waiting for me to connect to Wifi and finish setting it up. I think it might be a bit faster than the Samsung Chromebook at booting up. The initial setup is pretty quick and painless. Basically connect to Wifi and then login to your Google Account and voila!


I've been using the Chromebook Pixel for the past few hours to do work here for Android Headlines and such, and it's a great piece of hardware. It can handle a lot more than my Samsung Chromebook can. The display is, well it's just amazing. I really can't think of words that can describe it. If you've ever used or seen a Nexus 10, imagine that but with Chrome OS. Although i'm not sure how I feel about having a touch screen on a laptop. It feels a bit awkward. Scrolling on the display as a touch screen is a bit slow as well.

Chromebook Pixel 30-Day Challenge

2013-04-25 09.58.37

Here's something new we are going to start here at Android Headlines. With all the devices we get in for review purposes (and we get a lot) we don't always get to spend a real amount of time with them. We basically review them and send them back. Starting with the Chromebook Pixel we are going to be doing a 30 day challenge. So I'll be using the Pixel as my main computer for the next 30 days (until May 25th). I've cleared my Windows 8 desktop off of my desk, so I will only be using the Pixel.


During these 30 days, I'll be taking your questions on Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and everywhere else. Just make sure to use the hashtag #Pixel30DayChallenge. So feel free to let your thoughts be known, send us questions, comments or even ask for more content. Maybe a Top 10 Best Chrome Apps? We're here to serve you, our readers so tell us what you want. And don't say a million dollars, we all want that.

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