ARMs Profits on the Rise, 44 Percent Growth for Q1 and 2.6 Billion Chips Shipped


It looks like ARM had another excellent quarter in terms of company profits. It's no surprise either with all the hubbub in the mobile industry these days. In particular, ARM is attributing their success to low-power chip designs not integrated in mobile computing platforms, digital TVs and even wearable technology.

Thanks to advanced technology implementations ARM can demand higher royalties from each chip. ARMv8 Mali integration and big.LITTLE functionality is not found elsewhere and remains unique to ARMs chipsets.


As for the numbers, ARM is seeing a profit growth of 44 percent (before taxes) and a revenue growth by 26 percent since last year. Their total income is now up to $209.4 million, which is always a positive. Think of all the Samsung Galaxy S4, or HTC One units you could get with that money. Hell, I would be fine with half a million- why not throw a bone this way ARM?

ARM estimates that a total of 2.6 billion company branded chips has been included in products this quarter alone. When compared to year-on-year statistics, that's a 35 percent increase over how many chips were being used in the year before.

ARM is most successful with their Mali GPU, which is being shipped on average up to five times more than they were last year. That's a pretty sizeable increase, and it clearly means manufacturers are ordering ARM chipsets in bulk.


ARM CEO Warren East proudly declared:

"Even low cost smart devices can contain multiple ARM-based chips and be based on ARM's advanced Cortex-A series technology and Mali graphics processors."

It's no wonder he's so happy with shipments and profits at such an all-time high. This is a clear indication of how the mobile industry is doing at the moment. Then again, as I outlined above ARM processors are being used in virtually every type of gadget on retail shelves. It won't be long before our furniture is embedded with mobile technology. I've always been fond of the arcade cabinet idea equipped with a touchscreen. It's a shame they exist but in such, high-end offerings. Anyway, here I am getting off track again.


Congratulations ARM on yet another successful quarter.

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