Apple Admits That Their "Growth Rate Has Slowed"; How Does This Affect Android?

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This afternoon, Apple announced their Q2 earnings. Despite the company rising in revenue year over year, their profit has decreased compared to Q2 2012. Apple was able to bring in $43.6 billion in revenue and $9.5 billion in quarterly profit. So it’s not that Apple is losing money like another OEM we know. But Apple isn’t growing at the same pace they once were. You can check out the graphs below to see what we are referring too. TechCrunch also has more information on Apple’s earnings from today.


At Apple’s earnings call today, Tim Cook commented on their growth rate and basically said “We acknowledge that our growth rate has slowed.” Well isn’t that the truth. Cook went on to say that Apple has had “tremendous success” over the past few years which might be the reason Apple has hit a plateau in the financial world. Or it could be that you release the same device every year and call it “magical!” Cook also said that “Decline in stock price has been very frustrating to all of us”. Apple’s stock dipped below $400 a share not to long ago. “The key to Apple’s strength is creating innovative products and that is always in Apple’s control”

Well, Mr. Cook I have a question for you. If creating innovative products are always in Apple’s control, then why is the iPhone using technology and specs from about 3 years ago? Additionally, why is Apple using features from the Android OS and calling it you’re own? Doesn’t sound very innovative to me. That’s from a technology enthusiast stand point not an Android fan’s stand point. Also Tim, who patents a shape? Petty companies that’s who.

Everyone knows that we are an Android blog, and we bleed Android. But without Apple, Windows Phone or RIM Blackberry, Android won’t innovate that much anymore. Which will affect the consumers, like you and I. So as much as we all hate Apple, and trust me there’s a lot of Apple hate around here, we kinda need Apple to innovate again. So we can have some true competition. Who else agrees?