Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – April 4th Edition



As we did last week, we're back again with another round-up of OTA update news from the past week. Let us know if we might have missed a particular update and, if you enjoy this round-up let us know in the comments, we love hearing from you all!


Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G Touch Gets Android 4.1; Only Through KIES



For those out there still rocking this device on Sprint, there is still some hope left, the update to Android 4.1 is rolling out right now but, due to the apparently massive file size, you can only update your device through Samsung's KIES software. It's a shame really but, at least the device is getting updated at all. Take a look at the changelog from Sprint:


Jelly Bean offers users stunning graphic capabilities with expanded feature functionality. This software update will make several premium and intuitive Galaxy S III features available to Galaxy S II users.

  • Smart Stay: Tracks eye movement to ensure the device screen is always on while it's viewed so the backlight doesn't dim or become idle
  • Direct Call: Converts text message interface to the voice call interface by simply raising the phone to the ear
  • Pop Up Play: Allows users to watch video content while operating any application at the same time

In addition, different operation modes allow users to modify phone functions to meet their always changing needs:

  • Easy Mode: A simpler home screen setup designed for first-time smartphone users, Easy Mode automatically populates your favorite settings, apps and contacts, in addition to a handful of larger Samsung widgets
  • Blocking Mode:
  • Power Saving Mode:

The Jelly Bean update also includes the addition of widgets to the lock screen. These widgets provide easy access to email, text messages, a clock, a calendar and the camera. The user can customize the five widgets in the lock screen to the services they use the most often. Jelly Bean also enables widgets to resize on their own, adjusting to the space available on the screen when new widgets are added.
Notifications are now more dynamic, as well: if you're late for a meeting or missed a call, you can email or call directly from notifications. The keyboard is smarter, more accurate and can predict your next word. Voice typing is faster, working even when you don't have a data connection.
Jelly Bean also provides a new Google Search experience on Galaxy S II, which includes a new user interface and a faster, more natural Voice Search called Google Now. Google Now allows you to type your query or simply ask Google a question. Google Now can speak back to you, delivering a precise answer such as how much traffic to expect before you leave for work or when the next train will arrive as you're standing on the platform.


AT&T's Galaxy S II Gets Security Enhancements and Bugfixes


While Sprint is giving out Jelly Bean, AT&T are dragging their feet as usual and releasing a security update to their Galaxy S II, which is far less exciting but, perhaps equally as important. This could be the precursor to the Jelly Bean update but it's unlikely. The update simply lists bugfixes and security fun stuff so, who knows what's fixed and what isn't. The update is rolling out now and if you're completely stock, you might have already got it by now.

HTC's One X to Get Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 Come Summer Time



For those rocking the international variant of the One X, you might be pleased to hear that HTC apparently have plans to update the One X to Android 4.2.2 and bring along Sense 5 for the ride. Sense 5 was first seen on the new HTC One and as well as the One X, it should be coming to the X+, S and the Butterfly. Exact dates are unknown but, for those rocking the One X and X+ on AT&T I really wouldn't get your hopes up, as Ma Bell have been pretty awful to users of the One X.

Thunderbolt to Get Update to Build 7.02.605.10


That's right! This isn't a belated April Fool's post, the Thunderbolt really is getting one more update, it's not Jelly Bean – ha ha, Jelly Bean on the Thunderbolt, good one. But it does come with some improvements – which you'll note in the promo above – and it's only 20MB in size so, don't expect miracles.


Samsung Galaxy Ace II Treated to Jelly Beans


The Galaxy Ace II is getting Android 4.1.2 rolled out now, depending on where in the world and which carrier you're on, you might have already got it or checking again might be the trick. There is of course Samsung KIES if you really want to do that to yourself. Details of the update are as follows:

  • Android Version: 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
  • PDA: I8160XXMC8
  • CSC: I8160TMNMC3
  • MODEM: I8160XXMC8
  • Build Date: 26 March 2013
  • Changelist: 1016990

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Getting Jelly Bean on Bell and TELUS



The Galaxy Rugby is certainly not a device for everyone but, it is for those that treat their phones rough! If you picked up a Galaxy Rugby over in Canada, then you'll be happy to note that the update should be rolling out to TELUS and Bell users as we speak, to check and see if there's an update package waiting for you to pull down then do the following: head over to Menu> Settings> About Device> Software Update.

Sprint's Kyocera Rise Gets Small OTA Update


For my QWERTY-locing friends, there's no word of an Android version bump here but, you should be glad to note that Sprint's Kyocera Rise is getting a small update – which you should be able to pull down right now – that comes with the following included:


Kyocera Rise Software Update – 1.011sp

  • Enhancements/Fixes
  • Qchat enhancements
  • Camera Gallery App crashes when attempted to edit picture
  • User can not pull down status bar during a call
  • Overlap when signing into Gmailâ„¢
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity Updated to Android 4.2



Well this is good news, finally a non-Nexus tablet gets Android 4.2! It's not surprising that ASUS are to lead the pack here, they've been investing in stock Android for a long time now, and doing so allows them to update their devices before anyone else. The update should bring some added features, like Daydream, and multi-user support as well as the overall polish that 4.2 introduced to Jelly Bean. Users have been reporting that the update has already trickled down to their device, so head to that settings menu to see if it's available for you!

Droid Bionic Jelly Bean Soak Test Begins


As Droid-Life have reported, it looks like Verizon and Motorola are looking to roll out Jelly Bean to Droid Bionic users as they've reached out to people to take part in a soak test of the update. After these tests are complete it doesn't take long for the actual update to roll out to users of the general public so, it looks the Bionic might be joining the Jelly Bean club in the very near future.

LG Optimus G Gets Update to Android 4.1.2 on AT&T


It's taken a fairly long time but, the Optimus G on Ma Bell's network finally has Android 4.1.2, we say "finally" because the Optimus G is essentially the same hardware as the Nexus 4 which is running Android 4.2.2 right now so, either LG have done more to Android than we think or AT&T are to blame…again. Read all about the update here.