Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – April 25th Edition



HTC's One X to Get Android 4.2 and Sense 5 This Summer




There are more rumors concerning the One X – last year's flagship from HTC – and an update to both Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Sense 5. We've heard Summer being talked about as the time frame before and it appears that might still be the time for it to get released. Of course, if this is for the European variants of the One X (with a Tegra 3 CPU) then it could be as late as Fall for those on AT&T. This is also going to be the last major update that the One X receives, with HTC once again lagging behind the competition when it comes to supporting their phones.


Jelly Bean Update for Sony's Xperia Tablet S Now Available


Those looking for a sweet taste of Android 4.1 on their Sony tablet will be pleased to know that the update should be rolling out now and that Sony has outlined all of the changes in the update as well. Take a look below for the changelog:


Android OS Version 4.1.1

Benefits provided by Android OS version 4.1.1:

Updated Applications:-

  • WALKMAN®, Album and Movies
  • Supports the DLNA Controller function (3Box function)
  • Movies app
  • Supports the capability to play closed captioned video content distributed from Video Unlimited
  • Album app
  • User Interface improvement (Adopts UI design of the same dashboard concept as WALKMAN and Movies apps.)
  • Camera (User Interface improvement)
  • Scrapbook
  • Adds the Map clipping feature
  • Adds the Clip widget
  • Browser (Small Apps)
  • Supports bookmark
  • On-screen keyboard (Supports the new Portuguese orthographic)

New Feature

  • Adds the TV SideView application

If you haven't received the update yet then head over to Sony's website for a little help.

ASUS Updates MeMo Pad Smart 10 to Android 4.2.1




ASUS have been doing a really great job of putting together updates for their tablets and they seem to be the only OEM interested in bringing Android 4.2 along for the ride. Owners of the MeMo Pad Smart will be happy to see an update to build V10.6.1.15 which brings with it mostly Android 4.2 features and not too much else really, needless to say you can also head over to their website if you haven't received the update yet.


T-Mobile Update Both Galaxy S Relay and LG Optimus L9 to Android 4.1.2


T-Mobile users rejoice! Updates are upon you! Well, if you have either an Optimus L9 or a Galaxy S Relay that is! Both devices are getting a much-welcome bump to Android 4.1.2. In the case of the Galaxy S Relay, you can only update via KIES – why, Samsung, why?! – and you can head here to get that done, it's wort mentioning that you shouldn't be rooted to perform this update. As for the Optimus L9, things are a little easier, you can just go and grab it from the settings menu following these steps: Settings > About Phone > Software Information.


Droid RAZR M Maintenance Update Rolling Out Now


As we detailed last week, the RAZR M is getting a maintenance update and it should be rolling out right now. For the most part this is just some added polish that comes in a 80MB package. There are fixes to WiFi, camera performance and more. If you're unsure on how to pull down the update, Verizon has you covered.

Verizon's Samsung Stratosphere Gets Small Update

Fullscreen capture 25042013 084511.bmp

Users of the Samsung Stratosphere on Big Red might have noticed that they've been updated this past week. Take a look at the image above to see what that 25MB gets you. This is just a small update with nothing major in it but, if you still haven't gotten the update take a look here.

LG's Spectrum 2 Gets Jelly Bean on Verizon

Featured: The LG Spectrum 2 For Verizon Gets Official Specs And Photos

Wow, lots of updates coming from Big Red this week! Spectrum 2 owners will be glad to see that the update to Android 4.1 is finally here. Besides the usual Jelly Bean treats you'll also be getting some bug fixes and tweaks as well:

  • Weather application and widget have been updated
  • NFC LG Tag+ help has been improved 
  • Brightness option has been moved to notification panel for global access
  • Browser now loads Google account bookmarks 
  • Improved readability for email conversation
  • Optimized Bluetooth® connect/disconnect and audio stream switching implementations
  • User can back up contacts when the SIM is swapped to a new device 
  • Preloaded widgets including Social+, Today+, Finance, News and Power Control have been removed

Now, the update still might not have rolled out as Verizon has just updated the docs for the device but, it should be leaving the station any time soon, so keep on checking, and in the mean time take a look at their support info here.

Europe's HTC One Receives Minor Update to Bring Better Camera Performance


While this might not be the best news you can hear, as the update is slated for Europe only at the moment, carriers in the States shouldn't be too far behind. The update comes with a number of tweaks and fixes and you can read more here.

Sprint's Galaxy S III Gets Multi-View and Security Fixes


Hey, is that a Galaxy S IV?! I kid, I kid. Anyway, those running a Galaxy S III on Sprint have a small update in tow that brings with it Multi-View and a security fix or two, take a look below to see what's in store and then head over to here to see about getting the update yourself.



Sony Updates Older Xperia Phones to Android 4.1


Those of you using either the Xperia P, Go or the Dual E will be getting an update to Android 4.1 shortly. Alongside the usual Jelly Bean upgrades like Google Now and Project Butter, Sony are bringing down their battery stamina mode from the Xperia Z line. The update should be rolling out now but it all depends on where you are in the world and what carrier you're on. For more info, head over to Sony's website.

T-Mobile One S Finally Gets Jelly Bean Update


Finally. That's right folks, One S users will be pleased to hear that at long last, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of Jelly Bean at long last. The update comes in at a hefty 675MB and you can only pull down the update over WiFi – nice one T-Mo – so, head over to the settings to download that update and let us know how it goes in the comments!

HTC Rezound Gets Update – No, It's Not Jelly Bean 



You didn't really think it would be Jelly Bean, did you? Good, because it isn't, it's just another maintenance update from our friends over at Verizon. This time it will bring the software version up to 4.05.605.14. Basically, what you're looking at here is a 207MB update that improves and polishes that bloatware. Yepp, it's all about the bloat with this one. More info here.