Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – April 18th Edition


Droid Bionic Finally Gets Jelly Bean Update




Ahhhh, and you here you were thinking it was never going to happen but no, Verizon have your back (for once) and the Jelly Bean update has indeed rolled out to owners of the handset. The build number gets updated to 98.72.22.XT875 and this is Android 4.1.2, so no, this is not Android 4.2 unfortunately. As ever, the usual Jelly Bean fun stays the same here, Google Now, Project Butter, expandable notifications. As well as this, there are some Motorola specific additions to the device, such as an improved Back Up Assistant and a revamped Visual Voicemail. Our own Briley Kenny has been waiting patiently for the update and had a little something to say about it.

Droid DNA Gets SIM Card Fix



The above image from Verizon pretty much says it all, nothing to see here folks. Unless your Droid has gone rogue and is now refusing SIM Cards, in that case this update should fix it. If not, you take that phone right back to that Verizon store you got it from!

Verizon's Galaxy Camera Updated to Bring New Features



It's nice to see an update that generally just adds something more to the device, especially when it's the Galaxy Camera, you can never have too many modes on a Camera, right? Well, Verizon's Galaxy Camera is getting an update that weighs in at 180MB or so – that changes the device to build VRAMC4 – and brings with it some added features. There are added Smart Modes including Dawn, Party Indoor, Snow, and Food. So, Instagram just got a little more interesting now that you can take a photo your "Indoor Party" and your Food. Another addition to the update is the ability to control the camera using an iPhone, Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab device through a remote viewfinder function. For more info head over to Verizon themselves.

BLU's Vivo 4.3 Get's Updated to Jelly Bean




If you're not familiar with BLU, then you might want to head over to their website and find out a little more. Basically they sell affordable unlocked smartphones, with decent specs and stock Android. The Vivo 4.3 has now been updated to Android 4.1 which brings Google Now etc, it might have taken the company a little while but, they're a company to watch in the future. While it might just be Android 4.1, at least it's stock, right?


LG Escape Gets Jelly Bean on AT&T


The Escape was a mid-range device that launched on Ma Bell last year and it did so with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, now though it's getting the treatment to Jelly bean 4.1. AT&T have said that the update should be ready for users to pull down, if you haven't gotten a notification, then why not try the usual trick of heading to Settings -> General -> About phone -> Software Update -> Update. Do I have to go through what you get with Jelly Bean again, no? Good. AT&T have also included a new DriveMode to the device, that will respond to calls and texts once you get past 25 mph.


Sony's Xperia S to Get Jelly Bean Come May


It's been a long time since we heard anything from Sony when it comes to the Xperia S. The device was launched at the beginning of 2012 with Android 2.3 and then updated to Android 4.0, now 4.1 might well be around the corner. According to Xperia Blog the handset will be getting the device around May time. Now, this doesn't mean that the AT&T counterpart, the Xperia ION is going to get the update around the same time but, we'd hope so.


Droid RAZR M Gets Maintenance Update

Motorola_Droid_Razr_M_35436506_22_610x436 (1)

Owners of the RAZR M will be absolutely delighted to learn that Verizon are pushing out an update that fixes and improves a number of issues on the device. There's polish all around but the headlining updates should be to the Wi-Fi as well as improvements to the camera itself. For more info on the update, take a look here.

AT&T's One X+ Gets Bug Fixes Galore in Latest Maintenance Update


No, no, this is not HTC bringing you Sense 5 or anything else, sorry guys. This is pretty much a cut and dry bug fix release here from HTC. It'll bring the firmware version up to v1.19.502.1 and should fix a whole host of bugs and issues with the device. The update should be rolling out now but, if you haven't gotten it yet or you don't want to wait, then you can apply the update by downloading the full ROM and using HTC Sync. For help on how to do that, head over to HTC's website.

Sony Announces Jelly Bean Update for Xperia Tablet S


Ah, the Tablet S, the least favored tablet to come from Sony. With manufacuturing problems to the Tablet Z taking the reigns, the Tablet S has been a black sheep of sorts. That doesn't mean Sony doesn't love it anymore though, the device is getting Android 4.1.1 sometime soon, as Sony has confirmed on the Sony Forums. While there's no changelog just yet, Sony have said that it will be available once the update has gone live.

The Galaxy Note II on Sprint Gets Teeny-Tiny Update


Users of the Galaxy Note II on Sprint will be happy to hear that there's a very small update rolling out to you. There's really very little that this update provides, take a look at the changelog:

Build: L900VPAMC2

– Waking a device with the home key incorrectly brings up the Recently Use applications screen

– Home Screen security updates

Take a look at Sprint's website for more info.

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