Android News U.K. Roundup 26/04/2013 – BBC Radio, Galaxy S 4, EE and More!


Just like we did last week, Android Headlines is here once more to bring you some of the biggest Android News stories that are relevant to our readers across the pond. As usual, put that cup of tea down and get stuck in to this week's round-up of U.K. Android News!

Three UK to Stock the Motorola Defy+



This really isn't the most exciting handset news I could bring you but, if you're looking for a phone to survive pretty much everything you throw at it without breaking the bank, then this is it. Starting at around £10 a month, the Defy+ is a decent offering but, the fact that it comes with Android 2.3 is pretty poor. You can take a look at 3's website  for more info.

EE Has Lured 318,000 New Customers in Five Months



Since EE launched its 4G service 5 months ago, they've managed to secure 318,000 paying customers. Which is a lot of cash when you think about it. It still remains to be seen however, if EE will continue to rule the LTE roost here much longer with O2 getting ready to make a move, along with others. Are you an EE customer, do you like being with EE?

Samsung Galaxy S IV Best Deals


Galaxy s4 AH


If you're planning to get the Galaxy S IV when it launches in the UK, you're more than likely trying your best to get the best deal available. Thankfully for us, the chaps over at CNET UK have put together the best deals when it comes to getting your hand on the handset. Of course, for a lot of us, it comes down to more than just pricing, and it's got more to do with just how good the network's coverage is and perhaps how much data you'll be getting. Let us know in the comments what the best deal you've come across is!


Thanks to EE's 4G, London's Air Ambulance Gains a Speed Boost


The Air Ambulance is extremely important and in a city like London it's often the best way to ensure the patient is given the best chance to come through fighting. For years now, the London Air Ambulance has relied on using paper-based maps because 3G was just too slow at high-speeds. Thanks to EE's LTE Network however, mapping apps are able to keep up with the twin-engine helicopters and mistakes are corrected at a moment's notice. While EE didn't comment on whether or not the London Air Ambulance were able to use the network for free, they did say that there was a "charitable aspect" to the project.


iPlayer Radio App Available for Android Devices with the Kindle Fire to Follow




Many of us in the UK will know the iPlayer as the service with which we can watch Doctor Who alone in comfort without being bothered by kids or family. Now though, the Beeb are launching a dedicated app for Radio lovers. You'll be able to catch up on all the radio programming that you didn't manage to catch while snarled up on the M25 or while you were too busy listening to people being silly on Radio 1. The app is available for all Android devices from the Play Store and will be hitting Amazon's Kindle Fire shortly.


Galaxy S IV to Be Available on Tesco Mobile



If you're looking to get the latest and greatest Samsung smartphone along with your weekly shop then you'll be happy to know that the Galaxy S IV will be available on Tesco Mobile. We all know the score with Tesco Mobile, they piggy back on O2's network and offer decent if not basic pricing. Take a look at the chart above to see what's what.

Acer Liquid E2 Coming to the UK Too


As we detailed in our International Roundup, the Liquid E2 is indeed coming to the UK, and while it might not be a head-turned, the £200 price-tag might catch your eye. Specs wise things aren't too great though, with a 4.5-inch qHD (that's just 960 x 540) a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP camera, microSD support and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. For that price though, you could do a lot worse but then, another £100 or so will have you at Nexus 4 pricing and we all know how much better that is.