Android News Canada 19/04/13 : Galaxy S4, Xperia ZL, Galaxy Note 8.0, Nexus 4, Amazon App Store and More!


Welcome to the first edition of 'Android News Canada'  a weekly feature for our Android friends to the North covering all of the note-able Droid News affecting Canadians.While I am not Canadian our Editor-in-Chief and Founder is and he has tasked me of delivering all the latest Android News In Canada and hopefully I will become an honorary Canuck once a week! Now that the snow has stopped falling well except in Whitehorse, Spring is here… take out that BBQ, head to the cottage, eat some poutine, grab your favorite beverage ..Molson Canadian, Labatt Blue or a Timmy's , put some hockey on TV and get all your Canadian Android News right here! It is 'aboot/aboat' time to get started eh!

Galaxy S4 to Arrive April 27th, Pre-orders Started on April 15th



On April 15th, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 would be available in Canada on April 27th. Pre-orders for the device have already started, so you should get on that if you want the S4 at launch. Currently you can pre-order the Galaxy S4 through Bell, Telus, Virgin and Rogers. As for the price, it's pretty much the same all around. You'll have to shell out $199 CAD and sign a 3 year contract to get the subsidized price. Of course, this is only for the 16GB model in black or white. There's no mention of the larger models.

Telus claims that if you pre-order through them you will get the device almost a week early, but this offer is only available in limited quantities.




Sony Xperia ZL Available Through Mobilicity for $599.99


The Sony Xperia ZL was available in Canada last week through Bell, Rogers and Videotron. Mobilicity, however just released the handset this week. They're only offering the SIM free model, contract-free, but you will have to pay the full cost of the phone which is $599.99. That price is not so bad when you consider Mobilicity offers "simple and unlimited plans" starting at $25 per month, with premium data costing about $75 per month. That, couple with the fact that you don't have to sign a three year contract, solidifies the point that Mobilicity might be the best way to go.



Rogers Tags Older Smartphones with the "End of Life" Status, One is the Samsung Galaxy Note

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Rogers just gave the axe to a list of older smartphones, meaning they will soon be cleared off shelves, and they will no longer be offered through the wireless provider. Obviously, this is to make room for all of the latest devices that are launching.


Phones getting the axe include the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SII LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia T (Bond Phone), HTC Desire C, LG Optimus L and the Blackberry Curve 9360.

If you already own one of those devices don't worry, OTA updates should still be on the way for you, provided Rogers has announced their availability in the past.



Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Available in Best Buy Stores April 19th


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is headed to Canada real soon. Best Buy claims the first shipments will arrive in their warehouse on April 19th. Unfortunately, there's only a limited quantity available, and it's going to cost $430. In comparison, the US model is only $399, needless to say, it kind of sucks that Best Buy is charging a little more.



Rogers, Bell and Telus Galaxy S4 Models to Support 2600Mhz LTE and AWS Spectrum

rogers 4

The title says it all folks, but that makes it no less remarkable. The Rogers Galaxy S4 model will support LTE on both AWS bands (1700/2100Mhz) along with the 2600MHz band. That means it will see downlink speeds of 100Mbps- whoa baby!

BELL and Telus models of the Galaxy S4 will also support the 2600MHz LTE band, although Bell is the only company that owns such a network. At least the Telus model will be compatible with the 2600Mhz band in the future, right?


Telus Says Additional Color Options Will Be Available Later This Year for Galaxy S4

samsung Galaxy s4 siv

Currently, the Galaxy S4 is available for pre-order through a lot of Canadian carriers. Unfortunately, you can only order the Galaxy S4 in two color variants: Black Mist and White Frost. According to Telus, more color options will be available later this year.

"At Canadian launch, two color options will be available – Black Mist and White Frost; with additional color options to follow later this year."

That still doesn't clue us in as to what colors we can expect. In the past, Samsung has offered Galaxy phones in the following colors: Pebble Blue, Marble White, Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black, Amethyst Purple and Titanium Grey.


Telus Set to Release Nexus 4 on April 19th


Telus is launching the Nexus 4 for $99 with a two year contract starting April 19th. Sure, the device is already available through Google Play contract-free, but what if you want to sign a contract? Well, now you have the option thanks to Telus.


Telus Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Updated Slate for May


The original Samsung Galaxy Note will soon be getting the Jelly Bean treatment from Telus in May as noted on their software updates schedule. Note owners will be getting Android 4.1, and all the delightful features that come along with that update. Right now, the update status is listed as being in testing by the manufacturer.


Nexus 4 Arrives at Koodo Mobile, Still "Coming Soon" on Website


Koodo Mobile received the Nexus 4 early yesterday, and updated their product page with a vague "coming soon" message. You'll be able to order the device online or at a local kiosk for $400. It's worth noting this is all for the 16GB version.


Amazon App Store Will Be Available in Canada Soon


Amazon is bringing their app store to more than 200 countries, one of which is Canada. Seeing as the Amazon app store is one of the biggest competitors of Google Play this is terrific news. If you don't already know Amazon offers one free app per day, and they're usually best selling apps.


Wind and Mobilicity Launching the Galaxy S4 on May 3rd


Pretty straightforward here, both carriers have confirmed the Galaxy S4 will be available on May 3rd. They haven't announced any prices at this point, but they'll probably be around the same as what the other carriers are offering: $600-$700 range.


Videotron Introduces $55 Per Month Plan, Includes Unlimited Talk, Text and 3G Data


The Quebec based wireless provider has just announced a pretty reasonable plan. The plan is called "Unlimited Voice and Data 55" and it costs $54.95 a month. It includes the following:

  • Unlimited anytime local calling
  • Unlimited long-distance calls to Canada and the US
  • Unlimited messaging (text, photo and video)
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail (up to 35 voicemails)
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calls
  • 3 GB data add-on
  • Promotion: 5-hour Illico mobile plan free for 12 months
  • 3 month subscription to ZIK Mobile music service

If you'll be using a lot of data on your new device, then Videotron's new plan is certainly something to consider.