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Do you have too much money? Did you just win the lottery three times in a row? Is your bathroom made of gold? Do you have trouble deciding whether or not to go to work in your Lamborghini Aventador or Pagani Huayra? If you answered yes to any of the those questions then this is the top ten list for you.

Applications are the major differentiating factor between between smartphones and feature phones. The ability to download a piece of software to accomplish certain useful tasks help to make our devices an essential part of our lives. Today we'll be looking at some of the applications that push the definition of useful as well as redefining the meaning of the word expensive.

10. NAVIGON USA & Canada

NAVIGON is a branch of renowned global GPS brand GARMIN. Now while NAVIGON is designed for all our latest smartphones and tablets whether they run iOS, Android or Windows, it does find itself in an odd situation, attempting to provide a navigation service for $70 when there are free replacements such as Google Maps and Navigator, which essentially do the exact same job and are just as accurate, and these come preinstalled on your Android devices.

9. 100 Dollar App


100 Dollar App which costs...you guessed it $100 is the first of many functionless applications on this list. Part of Animus89's MyWealth society of applications, there are also $8, $40 and $80 versions of this application that does absolutely nothing except prove you have too much money. So if you purchase all of Animus89's MyWealth applications, you get four coloured dollar bill icons in four different colours for just $228.


8. I'm Rich (White Diamond Edition)


I'm Rich, white diamond edition is one of the finest examples completely pointless and incredibly overpriced. This application has absolutely no functionality except placing a white diamond icon on your homescreen. So if you love diamonds and want to have a diamond icon, for only $120 you get just that.


7. I'm %^[email protected] Rich


This application is essentially a carbon copy of I'm Rich (White Diamond) with some added profanities and an inflated priced to compensate for the extra effort the developer had to go through to type the extra word. For just $130 you will be able to tell all your friends that you are *beep* rich.

6. The Most Expensive Wallpapers


This application offers premium wallpapers of everything someone with too much money sees everyday; gold, diamonds, piles of cash, leopard skins and yachts. Obviously you could just go onto Google, search up these images and download them onto your phone, but by paying a measly $200 you get two things, bragging rights and convenience. Better yet this application is 100% ad-free, but given the price of this app, it better be. So if you have more money than sense and would like to change your wallpaper to match the affluent world you live in, this is the app for you.

5. Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus



Self described as 'The most popular unofficial Vuvuzela FIFA 2010 World Cup Horn.' After downloading this application and opening it, shaking your device will bring back the nostalgic memories of the vuvuzela's loud monotone that was synonymous of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. So what are the benefits paying $200 for this application? You gain the ability to annoy everyone around you at a simple shake of your phone, fortunately after paying this much money, this app won't have any banner ads. So if you're a massive fan of football/soccer and enjoy celebrating the game at the expense of everyone around you and all this for a bargain price of $200.

4. The Most Expensive Flash Light


The Most Expensive Flash Light Application is an application that turns your smartphone into a flashlight. This application simply turns the screen to bright white to act as a flashlight, similar to other applications of this nature. Unlike some of its competitors though such as the free Tiny Flash + LED this application does not control the LED on your device, however what this application lacks in features it makes up for in price, for a casual $200 you will able to turn your smartphone into a flashlight to help see in dark places and more importantly, show off to the world just how deep your pockets are.


3. The Most Expensive Play App

The Most Expensive Play App. Now there are a other $200 applications that do absolutely nothing that are present later on the list, since these apps just open and do nothing they are higher up on the list as they provide even less value than this app. The Most Expensive Play App on the other hand does give you something...a widget to say you've purchased the most expensive application as well as a reminder that you're rich every time you open the app, just incase you forget.


2. Most Expensive Android App

The runner up on this top 10 list, Most Expensive Android App. Now you might be wondering why an application that does absolutely nothing besides telling the user that a $200 application that does nothing besides displaying the above image has any use and what could possibly beat it when market apps are capped at $200 each. Well unlike the number 1 application on this list, this app gives you a fancy image to look at.


1. I Am Rich

I Am Rich is yet another $200 application. Now why does this take the crown over some of the previously mentioned applications? Because this actually does absolutely nothing besides remind you that you are rich in fancy text with no fancy certificate or widgets to add value. This is without a doubt the application to get if you have too much money, it's also rated 5/5 with two critics, so its got to be good.


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