AH Primetime: Learning To Live Without an SD Card


Writing all the stories we do here at Android Headlines regarding all the different phones coming out each week, we hear many people saying "no microSD card slot? Fail" or something similar. Not having a microSD card slot is not a fail. Especially if you've heard about all the problems Sony is having with their Xperia Z. One major reason OEMs are doing away with the microSD card slot is because hardware fails. Think of it this way, if you have all your pictures, videos, backups and other personal stuff on your microSD card and it fails, what are you going to do? Not much of anything. That information is basically gone. Now I know everyone can't live off of the cloud, especially with carriers doing away with unlimited data. Let's see how we can live without a microSD card.

The Cloud



I know not everyone can live off of the cloud, but you can use it for storage. For instance, you can use Dropbox to store all your pictures and keep your gallery rather small and limited on your phone. You can use Google Music and just pin (download) a playlist of music you want to keep on your phone when you don't have Wi-Fi available. You can also use Titanium Backup or Carbon Backup to backup your device to the cloud. So even without unlimited data, you can still kinda live off the cloud.

Only Keep Stuff You Use


Many of us keep things on our phones that we don't use. How many apps are currently on your phone? Out of all those apps, how many of them have you used within the 3-4 weeks? Probably not every one of those apps. Many of us hoard things on our phones. I'm just as guilty as everyone else. But since picking up the Nexus 4, I've been working hard not to hoard everything. The image above shows how much storage I'm using on my 16GB Nexus 4 right now. I do have unlimited data, but I also do store things on my device, like music, apps, pictures, etc.


Can You Live Without a microSD Card?


Look at your phone right now, and check to see how much storage you have left. Do you really need a SD card? Or is it just something you want? If you need more than 32GB of storage on a phone, what the heck are you storing on your phone?