AH Best Android Apps Weekly: April 25th, 2013

April 25, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham


MOGA Pivot

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This week, I received the MOGA Pro in for review. So I’ve been working on it the last few days and to set up the controller you have to use MOGA’s new app. Which makes it a lot easier to use the controller compared to the old way, thank God. MOGA Pivot walks you through connecting your controller, and setting it up if it’s your first time. The app also lists a bunch of games that are optimized for MOGA, which then directs you to the Play Store. It’s a great app if you have one of MOGA’s controllers.



Super Optimize

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This is an app you can use to optimize your smartphone using a suite of convenient tools. Some of the tools included are Power management, system management, app uninstall, Clear cache, transfer apps to SD card, along with volume and brightness settings. Of course you can most of this on your own. But with this app you’ve got it all in one convenient place.



Everything.me Home (Beta)

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We actually threw this into our Top 10 apps for the month of April earlier this week. It’s a great launcher from Everything.me. It’s currently only available in the US, Canada and UK. Some of the features include understanding your intent, every app you’ll need, launch in context, and smart folders. It’s an interesting new launcher, and I’d urge everyone to go ahead and give it a try.



Eye in Sky Weather

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Are you looking for a nice looking weather app that’s tablet optimized? Well here’s Eye in Sky Weather. It’s a plain and simple looking weather app, it also includes widgets. It includes 13 different weather icon sets and you can add your own as well. It’s also optimized for tablets, which is always a huge plus. There is a paid version which will remove ads and also help support development, so I urge you to purchase the pro version of Eye in Sky Weather.





Yes, it’s finally out of beta and available in the Play Store. It’s available as a trial and for $0.99. Swype basically allows you to use gesture typing like you’ve seen in the new version of Swiftkey and the stock keyboard in Android 4.2. Swype has so many other features including Next word prediction, personal dictionary backup & sync, dragon dictation and many more. Swype is perhaps the app that had the longest beta, besides Gmail, but it’s available now.