According to Eric Schmidt, Consumer Glass Still "a Year-ish Away"

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Google’s Project Glass has been somewhat of a marvel to watch, it was announced as something that was years away and something that wouldn’t be ready for the masses for at least 2 or 3 years. Google quickly put a stop to such talk however, when they showed off Glass at last year’s I/O conference and announced plans to make it available to developers and “Explorers” this year for $1,500. That’s a promise that they’ve managed to keep and since some explorers have been getting their hands on Glass, we’ve seen a flurry of new content concerning the futuristic tech.

Google surprised us all however, when they announced that they had plans to release a fully polished version of Glass, for less than $1,500 and before 2013 drew to a close. Now though, that might not seem a goal that Google can keep. In an Interview with BBC’s Radio 4 he said that a consumer version of Glass is still “probably a year-ish away”, that might disappoint those that were hoping to buy a pair just in time for Christmas.

Does this mean that Glass is delayed? Well, it’s hard to tell really as Schmidt is certainly an outspoken man – which we all love, right? – but he’s directly involved in the Glass project and might not know as much as he lets on. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising if Glass were delayed into 2014 after all, the project has seen rapid development in the last 2 years. It would stand to reason that there is still more polish to be applied before the company is to let it out into the consumer wilds.

What Google shouldn’t do however, is release this as a beta product. While releasing betas has worked for their software in the past, such a high-profile device needs to be released as a fully finished product, especially if they’re asking somewhere in the region of $1,500 for it. The whole Interview is worth listening to if you want to hear Schmidt’s take on a lot of current issues, such as terrorism, how we’d use Glass in the future and the more. Head on to the link below for more.

What do you think, should Google make it a priority to get this out of the door as fast as possible, or should they take the time and care to make it a truly great product?

[Source: BBC Radio 4, Telegraph]