Wireless Charging Kit for Galaxy S4 Shows Up in Leaked Photos, Will Be Offered as an Accessory


I'm sure quite a few people noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not going to ship with wireless charging support of any kind. This is a shame because wireless charging is probably one of the most innovative features hitting the mobile scene lately, apart from NFC functionality, of course. Personally I have no interest in flexible displays, and that explains why I said 'most innovative' but now I'm just getting off track.

Luckily, Samsung is planning to launch a Wireless Charging kit designed exclusively for use with the S4. Some leaked images appeared earlier today, showing of the charging kit that's obviously going to be launched as an accessory. Yep, you'll have to buy the equipment separately, but at least the option will be there, right?


In the images, you can clearly see the replacement back cover, which houses the wireless charging components. The cover, coupled with the wireless charging dock, will allow consumers to charge their Galaxy S4 wire-free. It goes without saying, the charging pad needs to remain plugged into an outlet, however.

Apparently, the Wireless Charging kit is going to retail for around $49.99, and will be available weeks after the device launches. No exact release date has been confirmed, unfortunately. In fact, we don't even know if it's going to release here in the States or anywhere besides China for that matter. Guess we'll just have to wait for the official confirmation from Samsung.

Regardless, this is certainly welcome news for Galaxy S4 fans and future owners. Since the flagship is coming bundled with a 2,600mAh battery, the S4 probably won't need to stay on the charger for very long (unless you drain the battery to empty). The Wireless Charging kit will conveniently allow consumers to toss the device onto the charging pad for a quick boost.


I, for one, will always appreciate the idea of eliminating wires from the equation. I have enough cable clutter in my house as it is.

How many of you out there will be happy to have something like this? Will any of you purchase one if it does become available in the States?


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