Willcom Takes on the Big Leagues with Their Adorable Phone Strap 2


Consumers are certainly of diverse opinions when it comes to larger devices. Some folks like the biggest screens they can get, and don't mind lugging around a brick in their pocket. Others like their screens to be of a manageable size, and genuinely don't enjoy carrying around a bulky device.

Unfortunately, manufacturers these days are leaving little choice, and have since adopted a "MORE IS BETTER, SHUTUP AND BUY," attitude. Either you learn to handle a brick, or you take a chance with a lower end budget device that's not so massive in size. That is, of course if you even have a desire to own the latest and greatest flagship devices. If you don't care then it doesn't truly matter either way, but that kind of ruins the point here.


A Japanese carrier named Willcom just gave everyone an sharp slap in the face with their recently unveiled Phone Strap 2 WX06A. It's currently billed as the "smallest and lightest phone" around. It's certainly true too because I have never seen anything quite so petite before.

Willcom Phone Strap 2 WX06A

It sure feels like Willcom is making fun of us a bit with the Phone Strap 2.


Interestingly enough, the Phone Strap 2 is clearly the next generation of the brand, following the Phone Strap first-gen. Willcom pushed the envelope this time around and offered an even more miniature device, with dimensions of 32mm x 70mm x 10.7mm, and a total weight of 32 grams. Take my word for it that this thing is tiny!

The Phone Strap 2 is equipped with a 1-inch display, that's so tiny it's almost endearing (until you realize how badly your eyes are going to hurt after staring at this thing). The Strap 2 is also equipped with a battery that lasts for two hours of continuous talk time or twelve days on standby.

It's not exactly a standalone device, however. As the name implies, the Strap 2 is supposed to connect to the back of your primary phone and serve as a backup device in the event of a low-juice emergency.


Unfortunately, these adorable little things will be a Japan exclusive so if you were looking to accessorize your phone, with an even smaller phone, that's out of the question.

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