Who Wants an HTC Nexus 5? This Guy Does!


If you've been following Android Headlines lately, you probably know how much I really want either a Motorola Nexus Maxx, or an HTC Nexus. Even before the Nexus 4 came out, I wanted HTC to make another Nexus very badly. Not only because HTC really needs it, but they have hands down the best hardware. So why can't they sell phones? Well it's their software, New Sense. Which is why an HTC Nexus is the best of both worlds. Having the best hardware with stock Android running on it. I never had the Nexus One, but I have had a few other HTC devices including the EVO 4G, EVO 4G LTE, Sensation 4G, and I've had the chance to play with the Droid DNA as well.

Could you imagine a HTC One with on-screen buttons and stock Android 4.2? That would be one beautiful device right? Here's what I'm hoping to get in an HTC Nexus 5:

  • 5-inch SuperLCD3 display at 1920×1080 resolutionĀ 
  • Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.3GHz processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8GB/16gb/32GB internal storage choices
  • 4UP or higher (Ultra Pixel) rear-facing camera; 2.1mp front-facing camera
  • 3,500mAh battery
  • Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie

Doesn't that seem like a dreamy device? There's no doubt that at Google I/O this year we'll be seeing plenty of Key Lime Pie, Motorola and Project Glass in May in San Francisco. But could we see a new Nexus phone? We'll definitely see a new Nexus 7. More than likely the Nexus 4 successor is going to be heading to stores this fall. Hopefully it'll be an HTC Nexus.


The spec list probably sounds like a geek's wishlist, but in actuality it's all very likely. SuperLCD3 is the technology that HTC has used in their Droid DNA and One, which are both 1080p displays. The Snapdragon 800, is fairly likely since it should be heading to manufacturers around this Summer. Android 5.0, should be announced at Google I/O in May, the 3,500mAh battery might be the only spec that is unlikely to happen. But with these specs, I know Google would sell a ton of these devices, and it would definitely help HTC get back into the competition space to Samsung.


I really don't need to go into why HTC needs a Nexus do I? Since they are struggling really badly now, a Nexus would definitely help them bring in some extra money and get more HTC devices into other people's hands. I've been a big fan of HTC for quite some time now, and would love to see them come back and be able to challenge Samsung for the top Android manufacturer. I know some of you might not be all that big of HTC fans, but that is probably because of their software. I haven't been able to find anyone who can say that HTC's hardware isn't good.

So what's your dream for a HTC Nexus 5? Or do you want to see some other manufacturer make the Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments down below with what kind of specs you want to see in the next generation Nexus.

Image Credit: +Marques Brownlee