Ting Expands Mobile Offering with Galaxy SIV, HTC One and Galaxy SIII Mini


As T-Mobile makes the enormous transformation to become the largest 'Uncarrier,' it's apparent that more wireless carriers are moving toward a no-contract service. Some of the no-contract services have a few problems that T-Mobile won't, and that is device selection.

For example, Ting is a hugely promising option for mobile service that offers a contract-free cellular plan. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of options when it comes to supported devices. They intend to change that, and have made the right move as of late.


Ting just announced plans to offer the Samsung Galaxy SIV as soon as possible. It will cost "around the unlocked price," but that's to be expected. Contract-free cellular service usually means no subsidized pricing plans.

Ting expects the Galaxy SIV to be available in about six to eight weeks, when the device will be available for pre-order. Of course, some folks may not be able to afford the Galaxy SIV, or would just like another option. The HTC One will also be available through Ting in about a month. Even better, the Galaxy SIII Mini will drop right around the same time as the Galaxy SIV.

Unfortunately, there's no mention of price on those last two devices, but more information will be available over the coming weeks.


Ting also says that their first LTE hotspot capable device will be available "within six weeks," which isn't too far away honestly. To clarify, Ting already offers LTE cellular service, as well as some pretty underwhelming LTE devices for use with their service. Hotspot functionality is on the way, however.

They also promise future support for Apple's iPhone and a bunch of Windows Phone 8 devices, as well. Most of our readers are in the market for Android handsets, but that's still good to know either way.

Ting operates with Sprint's network, which means that anyone with an existing Sprint device can safely make the jump to contract-free service. Also, it should give you some idea as to how reliable their network is.


I'd love to hear from the AH community about contract-free service. If you have service with another carrier, or are considering Ting in the future, please feel free to share your thoughts!

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