Thermodo Aims to Give Us Accurate Temperature Readings With Tiny Accessory


Let's be honest with ourselves here, we're obsessed with predicting the weather, checking the weather, checking it again and then preparing for the weather. Smartphones have always enabled us to check the weather at regular intervals and we've grown pretty accustomed to it, so much so that no smartphone manufacturer would be crazy enough to release a new smartphone that wasn't able to tell us the weather in some way shape or form. The Play Store is flooded with quality – and some not so great – weather apps that we all love to try out from time-to-time. I'm betting pretty much everyone one of you reading this has a weather widget on their homescreen somewhere. Right?

Being able to check whether or not it's going to rain is one thing but, what we're really interested in is accurately seeing what temperature it is. Robocat, a small Danish design firm designed an app that aimed to do just that with Thermo. It's a good-looking app and you can get it here on Android but, the problem was that – just like every other weather app – it relied on readings from across the web and would give you a temperature for outside based on what it could find over the internet. Which was all fine and good but, Robocat want to change this and bring us accurate temperature readings to wherever we might be.

This is where the Thermodo comes in, which is currently a project in need of backing over on Kickstarter. Thermodo is a small key ring that houses a tiny thermometer that you plug into your device's headphone jack. It's small, and the key ring allows for easy travel. The accessory will be compatible with Thermo on Android and there's even going to be an SDK for developers to tap into. You can go ahead and back the project on Kickstarter now, to hopefully receive yours around August. Unfortunately, the option to back the project for $19 is sold out but, you can back them from $25 and up and get a hold of a Thermodo in either black or white. I think it's a fun idea and it should help with the crowd-sourcing of weather forecasts immensely.


You can take a look at their Kickstarter Page for more info.

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