The Stunning Music Video Debut of Something like Google Glass

google glass pauly d 650x437

In case you haven't heard, Google is coming out with a product called Google Glass. This elusive device has been near impossible for any journalist to get his hands on, unless your name is J.T. and you can get exclusive access to the GooglePlex. This brings us to the actual point of this column.

If the products in this video are indeed real Google Glass; how in the HELL does a former no-name DJ that came up through the hit television program, Jersey Shore, get his hands on Google Glass for a music video? His name is Pauly D, and apparently if this is Glass, he has much more access than almost anyone in the tech community. Some of us in the tech press, and developers put down $1500 nearly a year ago at Google i/O and have not even glassornotfinalseen a glimpse of the product other than at events. Although it does appear that the version of Glass in the video is an earlier prototype than we have seen in the more recent Google productions promoting the glasses, or a complete knock off of the real thing, there have been outlets reporting them as Google Glass. Apparently if this is the official Google product though, Mr. Pauly D has a whole lot more influence than a $1500 credit charge can buy. Just have a look for yourself at the beginning of the video, and if you don't feel like watching the entire production, skip on ahead to 2:35 for the main appearance. There you will see the model from the picture and her soiree down the runway in Google Glass or not Google Glass. Apparently, she is using the device to film the crowd as she struts.

This is just my gut reaction after watching the video, but it doesn't look like the real thing to me, but a Google Glass knock off. It is pretty neat though, that a device such as this is getting attention outside of the tech press. If you are into Pauly D or Sean John though, you might just enjoy this little number. Is this the real deal, or a knock off of Google Glass? What do you think about an artist such as this putting a Glass like device in the mainstream? Let us know in the comments.

Via DroidLife