The Socialmatic Camera Aims To Bring Instagram Photos to Life


How many times have you taken a picture for Instagram and after it was filtered, posted, and tweeted you thought to yourself "damn, I'd like to print this instantly"? Well, if you were sitting there nodding your head to that question then a new company named Socialmatic through a partnership with Polaroid has the solution that you've been waiting for. A dedicated camera that will add filters and instantly print the pictures.

Before you laugh, a company making an Instagram like camera actually makes a lot of sense given the application's 100 million user base. Of course since it still is a digital camera, your shots will still be able to be posted to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and of course Instagram as well as being printed from a built in Zinc printer.


Each printed photo reports on the front side your Instagram nickname and a QR code, which allows for another Instagram user to capture the code in order to follow the photographer's account. The paper that the photos are printed on also have an adhesive backside similar to a post-it note, meaning that these photos can actually be physically posted as well as digitally. Last but not least there will be a dedicated space below the picture, similar to the look of old school Polaroid photos that leave a space for comments, the same as you would see online under say a Facebook picture for example.

The camera is square shaped and actually looks a lot like the Instagram app's icon. Unveiled as a concept last May, the device features the following specs:

  • 16 GB mass storage
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • 4:3 touchscreen
  • 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing
  • Optical zoom
  • Led Flash
  • Internal printer
  • Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets
  • Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks
  • InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature

This camera is running on an Android base and although they don't give a specific version on the press release you can guess that it will be one designed specifically for the camera. So far there is no firm release date for this camera other than the first quarter of 2014, which given such a far out launch date you have to wonder if people will still be using Instagram by then. Also no price has been released as of yet. You can check out the promotional video below.