The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is a Complete Fitness Tracker with the S Health App

Samsung Galaxy S4

Shortly after the launch of the Galaxy SIII, Samsung introduced the S Health app. I'm not going to bother going over the current version of the app, hopefully you already know what it is and what it does. If you don't know what it is, then you can get reacquainted with Samsung S Health here.

The new version will take advantage of sensors exclusively included in the Samsung Galaxy S4. For example, the S4 now includes a pedometer to track all of your steps while you run- or walk.

The phone can also measure ambient temperature and humidity, using even more sensors, which ultimately are reported to the S Health app. These new features allow the app to monitor your health, exercise and diet habits more accurately.

Speaking of diet, the new S Health app also includes diet tracking with a full database of food and nutrients that all have accurate calorie information.

Anyone with a pressure monitor or glucose meter can rest easy because the new version still syncs up with the S4- via Bluetooth- right within the S Health app.

Some folks don't actually want to carry their phone around with them while they're exercising. This is certainly understandable, as it can sometimes be a burden to carry your phone around in your pocket- especially when you're running. Samsung is also releasing the S Band, a pedometer bracelet that tracks your steps and syncs the data back to the Galaxy S4 when you're all finished exercising. You know what, that's pretty damn cool. You don't even have to carry the S4 on your person to track your exercise habits.

Fitness tracking devices are incredibly popular these days. Devices like the Fitbit, Basis and Jawbone, have all been in the spotlight quite a bit lately, and for good reason too. There have even been rumors of Apple preparing a similar device for use with their own smartphones.

Naturally, Samsung wanted in on the action, and it's good to see they're taking on the competition directly.

The Samsung S Health App and S Band accessory are just some of many improvements coming with the new Galaxy S4. Stay tuned here at Android Headlines, your number one source for Galaxy S4 news, rumors and announcements!