The Beautiful Chameleon Launcher Hits Version 2.0


The Chameleon Launcher is a launcher app that takes the idea of home screens to a new and more fancy frontier. It's main selling point is the idea of having a highly customizable home screen for special times of the day (or location-based) like in the mornings when most of us check our email, the weather and the latest news feeds while eating our cereals. Or at work when you want your working apps at your finger tips like your corporate email, calendar and various other apps you use. While this functionality is similar to other offers, there are not many who do this so beautifully.



The Chameleon Launcher Project was funded through Kickstarter back in July 2012, after less than a month went by, they received more than double the $30,000 fund needed (a total of $66,804) from over 6,400 backers. The project was previously launched with a higher fund goal of $50,000 dollars, which also achieved its goal but was soon dropped because they wanted to play it safe.

The app version 1.1.4 is now currently available on the Google Play Store for about $4 and it has special widgets for the following:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Social media apps (Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Tweeter)
  • RSS News Reader
  • Various Toggles
  • YouTube



But yesterday they announced their latest version of the app, The Chameleon 2.0 Beta, which unfortunately will be available only to the 6000+ backers for the next couple of weeks after which it will be made available for the rest of us. The main feature of the new version is the optimized experience for users of the launcher's phone variant. The new app will now support up to 3 pages of content for each of the phone's home screen allowing for more content and less hassle. The widgets of both phone and tablet versions also will re-size depending on the device's display resolution.


The phone version will be available to download as a separate app at the price of $2,99 and it'll still be available as a bundle at the price of $3,99 along with the tablet version.The 2.0 version will also bring the possibility of creating and using 3rd party widgets created by the Chameleon's developer community.


To run this app, you'll need a phone with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and be running Android 4.0 and up. You can get the 1.1.4 version on Google Play using the link below.