T-Mobile's New UNcarrier Contract-Free Plans Are Live!

tmobile 4g

We’ve been hearing about these for quite a while, and now they are official. We knew that T-Mobile’s stores were going to be closed for a few hours today for UNcarrier changes and training. And now their new individual price plans are live on their site. It works pretty much as we thought it would.

Breaking it down, for one line it starts at $50 for unlimited minutes and text with 500MB of high-speed data. Then you can add 2GB of data for $10 up to 12GB plans. Then the Unlimited data plan is an additional $20. So you can get unlimited everything for $70 now. These plans also include 500MB of mobile hotspot. They also say “additional SMH features available for an extra charge” but they don’t say how much is it after the 500MB of data. Now for the family plan, it’s $80 for unlimited minutes and texts for up to 5 lines. Which also comes with 500MB of data. You can add 2GB of data for $10 for each line. So for example, say you want 3 lines. It’ll cost you $110. It’s $80 for the three lines then 2GB of data for each line is an additional $10.

Some people might think that these plans are bad, but looking at the pricing it looks pretty good to me. It does look like the prepaid plans that many people are using are now gone. Which probably isn’t a big deal, unless you’re using the $30 plan with 100 minutes. We are still awaiting the official announcement on Tuesday at T-Mobile’s event in New York City. But getting unlimited everything for $70, that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. Even cheaper than Sprint. Oh and no contract? How many of you are ready to switch?

Unlimited LTE with Unlimited texts and minutes all for $70? Only way I could see people passing this up is if T-Mobile has bad service in their area. As an existing T-Mobile customer, this is some good news! Let us know in the comments below if you’re planning to switch to team magenta now.

Source: T-Mobile