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By now, almost everyone knows what T-Mobile is up to. They're working hard on promoting their new "Uncarrier" reputation. Up until now though, we've only heard rumors regarding prices and service plans limits. Today, an image leaked that shows off pricing options for national retailers only. I actually want to emphasize that point again, these prices do not apply to T-Mobile's own stores. To clarify, the term "national retailers" refers to the third party distributors like Target, or Best Buy.

At this point, there are whispers of pricing in T-Mobile stores being slightly cheaper, but nothing has been officially confirmed.



Automatically included with each of the data plan tiers is unlimited talk time and texting. As you can see from the image, there are different data plan options which was to be expected. Quite shocking is the measly 500MB tier at $60, and the slightly more appropriate 12GB level set at $130. There are also family plans, which seem to be even more competitive than the individual plans.

It's a good idea to note that if you take advantage of the Uncarrier plans, you'll also get free mobile hotspot access without any additional charges or fees. Strangely, the tippity top unlimited data plan does not include mobile tethering or hotspot support. Quite frankly, it's a stupid practice but it's also nothing new. If you want to add tethering or mobile hotspot support onto the unlimited data plan, then it's going to cost you more depending on how much data you wish to use.


Furthermore, your tethering access will be cut off once you reach the set limit. That means folks aren't being charged outrageous overage charges. As far as limits go, customers will be offered 500MB of data for free. If you need more data, it's 2.5GB for $10, and 4.5GB for $20.

The good news is that it looks to be pretty easy to calculate what you owe and how much you'll have to pay if you can wrap your head around all the tiers and prices that is. Oh boy, come to think of it, my head hurts a little after going through all of this. I'm going to lie down now.

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