Steve Kondik Has Left Samsung; After Less Than Two Years


Steve Kondik, as you all know and love as Cyanogen, has left his position at Samsung, after less than two years on the job. He started the position 19 months ago, in August of 2011. He joined Samsung as a "Software Engineer" and we all thought he might introduce something better to Samsung's software builds on their devices. From as far as we can tell, there's not been much of change where Samsung's software is concerned but then again, we're no experts. It was pretty great to see someone that's given so much to the community take his talents and apply themselves like that, I think for a lot of coders and devs, it might be a dream position to end up at a company like that.

It wasn't all good though, as he's now left his position at Samsung and while he's, understandably, keeping quiet about the whole thing, he did have something to say about the Galaxy S IV on his Google+ page. We're not going to bore you with the whole thing – it's worth heading to his page for the full read – but the snippet you're more than likely most interested in reading is this:

"I'll probably be picking up the T-Mobile variant when they hit the shelves, assuming they don't lock the bootloaders or something silly and self-defeating like that. Since it's powered by Snapdragon, CM should work wonderfully on it :)"


For those out there that were worrying about the future of CyanogenMod on the Galaxy S IV, that might have put your minds to rest a little bit. Having said that, as if CM are going to let a device like that escape unscathed?

Android Police approached Steve for an interview and were denied – it's early days after all – and Kondik had this to say:

"Yeah, but not because of anything in particular. Samsung was great. Just decided to do something new. Ask me in a couple of months :)"


No matter what Steve goes on to do next, we wish him all the best and we implore you to send him the same as well!

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