Second-Generation Galaxy Camera in the Works; Heading to IFA in September

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The Galaxy Camera is a curious creation, from the front it looks just like any other point and shoot camera to come out of Samsung but, when you turn it around there’s effectively an Android smartphone staring you in the face. On paper, this sounds like a great idea, right? Well, not quite, after all the Galaxy Camera was a good camera but, ultimately it was far too expensive. Our own Alexander Maxham spent some quality time with the device during his review, and while he was impressed with the overall performance, the price-tag left a lot to be desired.

It should come as a surprise then, that Samsung are going to try again. Well, this is Samsung, they’ll try anything at least 2, maybe even 3 times before they realize nobody wants it. Honestly, I have never seen anyone with a Galaxy Camera, which is strange because I see Samsung devices all over the place. Word is that Samsung is already working on a Galaxy Camera 2 – c’mon, we all know that’s what they’re going to call it – according to South Korean press the device will be ushered in at this year’s IFA in September. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a new Galaxy Camera this year, I just hope to hell that Samsung have figured out what to charge for it.

Last year’s Galaxy Camera was a good device but, its pricing was more than a little off. Who in their right mind is going to pay more for a camera these days unless they absolutely have to? For a lot of people, the camera on the back of that smartphone does the job well enough and there’s little room for a conventional digital camera, let alone something that has a Galaxy S III bolted onto the back of it.

If we’re to take a look at how Samsung iterated with the Galaxy S IV, there’s a chance that this year’s Galaxy Camera is more of the same. If Samsung were to release the same camera over and over again, then the Android camera segment could be dead before it even gets started.