Samsung's Galaxy S IV Features Eye Tracking, Gestures, and Hover Previews

At last, we finally have all we could ever want to know about the Galaxy S IV. Here at Android Headlines we have full breakdowns of this new device's software, hardware and accessories. But Samsung has done more than upgrade the hardware on this new device. The Korean OEM is also looking to change the way that we interact with our smart phones. Amid much fanfare Samsung has explained that the Galaxy S IV will have several new features.

The most exciting is "Air View". This gives you the ability to hover over certain items to preview content. For instance you can hover over your calendar to see an expanded view of your schedule for that day. You might also want to hover over webpages, videos or even photo galleries to see the expanded in front of you without actually having to open them. This could certainly be a time saver, especially when it comes to previewing emails or text messages. This new ability as also been integrated with Flipboard.

Another new way to use your phone is called "Air Gestures" This allows you to perform certain actions without actually making contact with your screen. Samsung said that these gestures are for use in "hands free and hands full" situations. You will be able to answer or ignore calls, change music tracks or even move quickly to the top or bottom of a website. This might sound like a small leap forward, but for those of us who use our devices to read recipes while cooking, I can see this being very convenient.  Often we use our phones to reference a task that we are in the middle of performing, and dirty hands lead to a dirty screen.

The last exciting new idea from the people over at Samsung is "Smart Pause".  This will use eye-tracking technology to pause a video when you look away from it and then resume it when your eyes return to the screen. Of course the Galaxy S III had the ability to keep the screen on while you were reading text, but this upgrade certainly takes things a step further.

We will have to wait and see how well these new ideas perform out in the real world, and we will have all the details for you as they become available. Which of these new features are you the most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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