Samsung to Update Galaxy Tab 2 to Android 4.2.2; Leave Things There


When Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab 2, there was a lot of praise aimed at the company for releasing a budget-minded Android tablet. After all, it did launch months before the Nexus 7 and for Samsung, it was a good price for a 7-incher with all the bells and whistles you might expect, complete with room for a microSD card and a pair of cameras at the front and rear. Of course, this being Samsung there's a worry that the Galaxy Tab 2 might get left behind in the update stakes, just like the original Galaxy Tab was. That doesn't seem to be the case though, as Samsung has done a decent job at keeping it up-to-date and it runs Android 4.1 right now, with word that it's going to be updated to Android 4.2.2 as well.

It's not all rosy though, as SamMobile are reporting that Android 4.2.2 is the last update that the Galaxy Tab 2 is to receive, with support ending there. Not only that but, the time frame given by Samsung isn't exactly snappy either, with updates said to be finished "by September" of this year, that's a long time to wait for an update that's essentially an improvement on top of Android 4.1. More interestingly though, is that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Tab Plus might be getting the update to 4.2.2 as well, I'm really unsure about this as Samsung received little to no success with those esoteric Galaxy Tab models. SamMobile are reporting that all devices using a dual-core Exynos processor will get the update to Android 4.2.2, somehow I doubt that as I don't think that's the way Samsung works.

Nevertheless, if the Galaxy Tab 2 were to get the update to 4.2.2 that should please a lot of folks out there still using the tablet and it could mean that Samsung has finally learnt that tablets deserve the same sort of attention when it comes to updates as their high-end smartphones. Are any of you out there still using the Galaxy Tab 2?

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