Samsung to Release Three Galaxy Tab Devices That Will be DLNA Certified

The rumors surrounding the next iteration of the Galaxy Tab line have been swirling for months now. And although we still don't have any concrete specs for these devices, we do have confirmation that they exist, and that they are close to going into production. Samsung received DLNA certification for three new devices this week. They will be the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 3 Pro. Presumably the first two devices will be geared towards lower-end price points, and the Tab 3 Pro will be a Nexus 10 type tablet with high-end hardware.  We should also see a 3G, WiFi, and 4G version of each of the Tab 3 Pro, but as far as the other two go, its anyone's guess.

The specs on each of these devices would be easy to speculate about, but since no reliable source has even hinted at what type of hardware these devices are going to carry, it is pointless to list the various processors and screen quality combinations that are likely.

In case you aren't savvy to the term DLNA it stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. It is a non-profit established by Sony in 2003. The idea is to establish an industry standard for media sharing between various devices. When you hear about DLNA in relation to mobile devices or tablets, that means that they are going to be able to stream pictures and video directly to any DLNA enabled TV or monitor. Of course if you have a device like a Roku you can already do this. And if you have a Google TV box you can stream pretty much all cloud content available on your phone to your TV (Amazon, Play Store, Vudu, Netflix, Hulu etc). But DLNA also has potential to allow you to play games on your mobile device while taking advantage of a bigger screen, or even run apps or make presentations directly from your tablet or smart phone.

Most TVs that are being released in 2013 by major brands will be DLNA enabled, so it is exciting to see this standard spreading to more and more mobile devices as well. How are you planning to use DLNA?

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