Samsung Moving Worlds, Will See Record Smartphone Sales for Q1, 2013


It seems odd that not too long ago Apple was the leading mobile contributor, with record sales and growth statistics. After the last generation of mobile devices, that has changed entirely. Samsung skyrocketed to the top and brought the Android platform along for the ride.

According to analysts from Counterpoint Research, Samsung is going to meet reduced demand over the next quarter, yet the company will still move units in record numbers. Apparently, Samsung has sold about 25 million smartphones per month in 2013, for a quantity count totaling above 70 million. To reiterate, throughout the first quarter of 2013, Samsung has sold more than 70 million units.


Even more remarkable is the fact that Samsung's market share only climbed 3% from last quarter, yet their devices are still selling in record numbers. Samsung's market share increased from 32% in Q4 2012, to 35% in Q1 2013.

The analysts also believe Apple and LG will see a market share increase by the end of the first quarter. LG's share will rise from 4% to 4.3% while Apple will approach 21%. As you can see from the numbers, they still have nothing on Samsung who is just killing it.

Some surprising reports did come from the same sources though. It would appear that Chinese smartphone manufacturers are expected to see a market share growth, hogging nearly 21% of the market.


This is likely due to the increasing abundance of cheap, unlockable devices that are easily imported. Although, I'm not an expert, and that's only speculation at this point.

I know we're jumping all over the place here, but getting back to Samsung. Those are certainly some impressive numbers. It will undoubtedly be fascinating to see how well they do after the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S4, and the Galaxy Note 3 much later.

Despite a general shift away from the mobile industry, in terms of consumer interest and sales, Samsung has continued to see success. I'm willing to bet that 2013 is going to be stellar for them, especially with so many up and coming flagship devices.


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