Samsung Going for the Apple Experience with Mini-Stores Inside Best-Buy


If any of you are fans of the Android Headlines Show podcast, you might remember a little premonition that I had during the Galaxy S4 Special, about Samsung grouping all of these accessories that they are putting out together in their own section of retail stores around their new featured flagship. Well, it has truly been spoken into existence as Samsung will have their own section in Best Buy coming soon. The Samsung area will feature a Samsung store experience inside your local Best-Buy, where customers can try out and buy any recent Samsung mobile device or accessory that the heart may desire.



Of course, it doesn't take much to see the writing on the wall for Samsung to make this move, as Apple has it's very own section in the Best Buy computer department, and even in some Target locations' electronics departments. It is actually much cheaper and just as effective for sales, to offer this store-within-a-store model, than to go out on a limb and offer stand-alone stores. In partnership with an electronics staple, such as Best-Buy, this is a great opportunity for both Samsung, as well as Best-Buy to get tons of extra sales.

First-Samsung-Mobile-Store_1The first wave of these in-store Samsung shops are set to open in high-traffic Best-Buy stores "very soon", and will take up two aisles worth of space adjacent to the mobile department. It sounds as if the Samsung section will not be easily missed, as large signage will guide consumers to the land of Samsung, amidst Best-Buy's vast array of electronics. The in-store shop will feature demo stations for customers to try out new Samsung smartphones and tablets, with the star in the beginning being the Galaxy S4. Best-Buy will also have specially trained associates on hand whose duty it will be to show off Samsung specific features and host training sessions based around learning to use a new Samsung device. Many of the common customers that will buy a Samsung Galaxy S4, might have zero clue as to all of the hidden features that Samsung has bundled into its latest flagship devices. This is a great opportunity for the shoppers to learn about the product that they are buying and bring Samsung customers closer to an "Apple experience", while buying their Samsung mobile device.

The partnership between Best-Buy and Samsung is set to hit phase-two later this year, when it is hoped that a Samsung section will appear in every single Best-Buy location. How about them apples? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.


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