Samsung Announces Range of 4 Covers for Galaxy S IV

March 14, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

Just like last year’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, the fourth Galaxy S is indeed made of plastic. It seems that Samsung have no qualms to continue to use the material in the face of HTC, Sony and others who are all turning to more premium materials like glass and aluminum. We suppose the old proverb of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies to Samsung’s thinking here, there’s nothing wrong with making a phone out of plastic, it keeps things durable without adding bulk or weight and it allows for that removable battery that so many people are still looking for. That being said, most of you are going to slap a case on that sucker anyway, right?

Well, Samsung aren’t one to shy away from offering all sorts of things for you to buy after you’ve spent a boat load on the phone itself. They’ve announced 4 covers to go with the device itself and while they’re pretty much standard fare, there is something a little different among them. There’s the usual Flip Cover and Pouch that they’ve always offered, in fact the Flip Cover seems to be so successful LG have taken “inspiration” from Samsung for their cases for the Optimus G Pro. As well as these two there are Protective Cases and a S View Cover. This is Samsung’s answer of being able to get info from your phone even when it’s safe and sound in a case. The S View allows you to see caller ID when getting a call and presumably things like the time on the lockscreen and other apps and utilities. It’s a neat idea but I can’t imagine many people really using it.

The South Korean giant has always offered decent accessories for their devices and they weren’t about to change things for the Galaxy S IV. Selling these sort of covers might be easy to scoff at but, take a look at the iPad and its Smart Cover – people want accessories and they want them to be of good quality. If Samsung can deliver that, then good for them.

S View? Really Samsung?