Possible Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S IV Spotted at CeBIT


With the Samsung Galaxy S IV release only days away and the a promise an event to occur simultaneously at Time Square on the 14th of March the Galaxy S IV might well be the biggest phone release of the year. The phone promises to feature not only ground-breaking performance and hardware but a whole suite of new software features. When you consider how much money Samsung spends on marketing the device is definitely one of the most if not the most anticipated phone of the year.

Despite all the hype we have yet to get confirmation on what the device actually looks like with the occasionally rendering or blurry photo leaking out finding an actual image of the device is proving as elusive as tracking down the Loch Ness Monster. There has also been some potential screenshots of the device but nothing really concrete, until now. Phone Arena has spotted some cases that are meant to below to the Galaxy S IV and when you consider the investment required to tool machinery to produce a case for a specific phone adds weight that this will be the final shape of the Galaxy S IV.


As you can see from the picture above, the actual size of the device is only slightly larger than that of the previous Galaxy S III, which would be expected due to the increase in screen size from 4.8 to 4.99 inches. The back of the device also features three cutouts similar to the S III for the camera, LED flash and rear speakers. The cutout for the camera is larger than that of the S III, most likely to accommodate the new 13 megapixel camera that Samsung will be equipping their new flagship. There is however a significant difference between the designs of the S III and S IV with Samsung opting for a more square design compared to the rounded corners of the S III. From previous year we noticed that many of Samsung's products such as the Galaxy Note II, Note 8.0 and Godiva amongst others all draw inspiration from the original S III's design, so the design language that Samsung will follow for this year will more squared off than before, akin to the S II.

Source: Phone Arena

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