OUYA Will Support NES, SNES, and N64 Emulators at Launch: Smash Brothers Fans Rejoice

ouya xl e1364248560189

I have two words for you: Smash Brothers.

It appears that one of the most anticipated Android-powered devices in recent memory will be launching with the ability to emulate the great consoles that many of us grew up with. According to the OUYA blog there will be emulators for the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 available when the device begins to ship in April.

Those gamers who love the classic NES and SNES games should rejoice. According to the developer of EMUya, the NES emulator has already been submitted for review and should be available on the the OUYA at launch (March 28th). SNES & N64 fans will have a options as well. Both the SuperGNES SNES emulator, and Mupen64Plus N64 Emulator, will also be ported over to the OUYA. We have confirmed that the Mupen64Plus emulator will be available at launch.

This is certainly an exciting development for all of us who have been following the progress of the most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time. For those of you who may not be familiar, the OUYA is an open source Android-powered gaming console powered by the Tegra 3 processor. It is expected to generate some fairly impressive graphics despite its price point of only 99$. Without the power and temperature constraints of a mobile device holding it back, its possible that even those of us who own Tegra 3 devices will be impressed with its GPU capabilities.


For the moment it appears that most major gaming studios are waiting to see how well the OUYA sells before they begin development of major titles for the device. This is somewhat understandable since developing a port of a game for new hardware can be quite expensive. But if the OUYA lives up the to hype, we may start to see major titles available for this new line soon.

We also know that the OUYA will be releasing a new console every year, and that we can expect to see the OUYA 2 in April or May of 2014. Personally I can't wait to get my hands on one of these low-cost gaming platforms. And now I'm excited to get Smash Brothers, Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania, and a million other games from my childhood up and running as soon as I plug in my new OUYA.

What games do you want to see come to the OUYA asap?