OUYA To Offer 104 Titles at Launch, Day-One Update Ready to Download and Install


Recently we learned that the OUYA will be available for purchase through select retailers on June 4th, for $99. OUYA also started sending out shipping notifications to folks who backed the console when it first appeared on Kickstarter.

Julie Uhrman, the CEO of OUYA, and her team sent out some emails to Kickstarter backers to clue them in as to what they should expect once they get their console. There's already a mandatory software update ready, which users will have to download and install once the console is finally unboxed and plugged in.


Also mentioned were the 104 launch titles that are ready to download and play instantly on the console. Previously, I talked about the real issue with OUYA which was always going to be content delivery, or more specifically the amount of content offered. Just because of the niche market the console targets, it's hard to pinpoint what offerings will be available in the future as far as games are concerned. I seriously hope they're able to do this right because the OUYA has tremendous potential.

There are apparently 8,000 registered developers creating content for the platform, so it's a little strange to see only 104 games at launch. More are surely on the way, however.

The available games include titles like Beast Boxing Turbo, Stalagflight, and Knightmare Tower and more. To see the full list of titles that will be available for the OUYA, go here. Keep in mind, that's a working list, and it does not explicitly point out the titles that will be available at launch. It's also not part of the official OUYA forums either.


Let's not forget that the OUYA has also been confirmed as the perfect emulation device.

As promised, the games are free to try out and play for a bit, but they will eventually require some form of purchase. Furthermore, a credit or debit card is required upfront to download games onto the console.

I'm extremely excited for this console, and I can't wait to see the content that a lot of these developers are going to offer. In my opinion, the independent gaming scene has done so much more than the 'AAA' scene lately, it's not even funny.


How many of you are going to pick up the OUYA when it launches on June 4th? I'm getting ready to go pre-order mine soon, and I can't wait.

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