One Interface to Control Them All: Google Glass


It looks like Google is looking forward to making Google Glass much more than just a wearable second screen for your smartphone. A recent Google patent application for Glass shows Google Glass as a hub for [email protected] [email protected] was first announced a few years ago, but until now, we have not heard much else from it. [email protected] is basically using an Android interface to control many aspects of your home life.

Now that we are actually seeing more home electronics manufacturers using an Android interface for their products, it becomes a lot more sensible for [email protected] to be a reality. When enough electronics in the home are equipped with an Android interface, Google Glass will eventually be one interface to control them all.

google-glass-patent-1[email protected] is designed to work with any Android interfaced electronic that manufacturers might dream up, and now, Google Glass will control all of them. At least it will control all of them in a hypothetical future that exists in this patent request. You will be able to control things like your radio or set the temperature on your thermostat from anywhere so that the temperature is just right when you get home. You will also be able to tell your smart-refrigerator that you are going to need extra eggs for that big brunch for your parents next weekend. Just imagine, “OK Glass, open the garage door and turn on the light in the den, now turn on the heater so that my office is warm and tell the wife, I am home.”

This is just the beginning of what Google Glass will be capable of doing, and apparently Google has many surprises for us up their sleeves. Google Glass is, according to the patent, going to be able to use RFID, infrared, as well as being able to recognize the target device and know how to control it based on its image. Glass will also apparently know what devices are in your area, based on the location information. There are many more sensors and information that Google Glass will be able to parse. Check out the source link to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see the patent application for Google Glass if you want to browse through everything that Google Glass will be capable of someday maybe doing. Also, leave us a comment about what you are going to maybe do with glass.

Source United States Patent and Trademark Office