On The Eve Of Samsung's Event, LG Announces New Eye Recognition Technology


All eyes are on Samsung this week, as it prepares to launch its next flagship device, the Galaxy S IV. Some of the latest leaks and rumors have suggested that one of the main selling points of the device will new eye recognition features built into the TouchWiz overlay. Thanks to leaked builds of the software, we can guess that with the device you will be able to control your browser and email simply with your eyes. It's also safe to assume that the same feature will be added to the video app so you can pause a video by simply looking away from the screen.

LG, however, has beaten Samsung to the punch by introducing its new eye recognition software on Wednesday. The front facing camera on the device will detect whether you are still looking at the display, and if you look away, the video you will be watching will automatically pause. When your eyes return to the display, it will resume. The feature will be available on the Optimus G Pro, according to the press release. The feature will roll out in Korea next month, in addition to a feature that will allow dual videos to be recorded and viewed at the same time with picture in picture. Other changes in this "Value Pack" upgrade for the Optimus G Pro are as follows:

  • Magic Remote Pad and Text Keypad via the QRemote function. These new options for QRemote work specifically with LG Smart TVs to enhance convenience when using Optimus G Pro as a remote control for LG Smart TVs.
  • The Smart LED Lighting outlining the home button of the Optimus G Pro will be upgraded so users can customize the colors to correspond to their favorite contacts. The flashing of the LED in different colors will allow users to identify the source of incoming calls, missed calls, unread messages and emails.
  • Video Pause/Resume allows the user to stop and start in record mode for one continuous video file.
  • The first Color Emoticons in an Android smartphone for more personalized text messages.

I'm not sure how I feel about this eye recognition software. It seems more like a marketing ploy than an actual feature. For example, I often will have a video playing on my tablet or phone while working. Because I am working, my eyes aren't focused purely on the video. I only glance down at it occasionally. Eye recognition seems like it could cause more annoyances than it's worth.

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