NVIDIA Shows Off the Tegra 4 Powered Project Shield Running The Conduit HD


NVIDIA has been doing a terrific job at peaking consumer interest for their upcoming cloud gaming console, Project Shield. To do so, they've featured weekly videos showing off the platform as it runs different games- most of which are quite graphic intensive.

So far, NVIDIA has demoed Shield playing Steam games, Android titles, and traditional titles that aren't available on any distribution platform. Of course, Steam's new Big Picture Mode looks the best on the gamepad touting device.


The latest video was just released, and it showcases a relatively new game to the Android platform- The Conduit HD. Previously, the title was only available on the Nintendo Wii, but it came to the Google Play store just last week. For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, it's a Sci-Fi themed FPS with pretty spiffy graphics and integrated physics. It goes without saying, it's not the usual type of game you encounter on Android. It actually looks more like a console quality game than a portable one.

The gameplay demoed in the video comes from an updated version, designed specifically for Project Shield. The newly optimized version will include higher polygon counts, enhanced lighting and special effects, and higher resolution textures. In addition, the game will make use of Project Shield's gamepad control scheme, functionality that most Android devices cannot benefit from.

The Android version of The Conduit HD was originally developed for Tegra 3 powered devices, so obviously it will benefit from the upgraded Tegra 4 that's powering Project Shield. I've included the latest video from NVIDIA below, so make sure you check it out after you're done reading.



Project Shield is due out this September, but there's no word on an official date quite yet. Until then, we'll just have to settle for the weekly videos showing off how well the console runs games.

You can always sort through the backlog of video demos with Project Shield. NVIDIA has actually released quite a few of them. Specifically, the video that shows off Borderlands 2 running on the console was my favorite.


What do you think of Project Shield so far? Are any of you planning on getting one in September?

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