NVIDIA Engineers Used Project Shield to Pilot a Drone at GTC


Project Shield is a pretty impressive device, but until now it's only been demoed as a sophisticated gaming controller. Realistically, that's all it is, a beefed up gaming controller with a local display that also happens to support cloud gaming. Okay, so maybe that description is rather complex, whatever, let's move on.

For those who don't know, Project SHIELD will wirelessly connect with select NVIDIA GEFORCE GPUs and allow you to play games remotely, using the gamepad controls and integrated display. So far, NVIDIA has shown off the device being used with Steam, and a multitude of other digital distribution platforms. Don't worry though, it can also be programmed to work with those indie games you pick up in new bundles all the time. I'm a sucker for those bundles too.


Project SHIELD what the Drone sees

As it would turn out, Project SHIELD isn't just for gaming. At the GPU Tech Conference, Project Shield engineers actually used the device to pilot a Parrot AR.Drone. Apparently, they adapted the control software for use with SHIELD.

Essentially, they're using the console gamepad controls to pilot a real AR.Drone around the event hall. I'm sure their hand eye coordination is pretty darned good, so it's probably easier for them to pilot the drone with a gamepad compared to anything else. Realistically, it would probably be much easier for a lot of us to control too (I know you're all closet gamers).


Project SHIELD receives a photo and video feed directly from the drone's integrated camera. This allows engineers to accurately pilot the thing. It's better suited for controlling the device too because piloting a drone like you would a remote control car would certainly be a pain in the ass. It must be pretty awesome to play around with the drone using SHIELD also because the 5-inch screen is unobstructed. Although, I would like to know how many folks and objects the driver bumped into while staring at the screen.

Project SHIELD AR Drone Demo at GPU Tech Conference

I'm curious how many consumers will actually be able to test this setup out though. After all, not everyone can afford to pick up an AR.Drone to complement Project SHIELD when it launches. Just think of how sweet that would be though. It gets me all giddy, like a child in a candy shop.


Parrot AR Drone with Project SHIELD in the background

Via: NVIDIA Facebook

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