Nexus 7 Dock Finally Available From The Google Play Store, Costs $29.99


The Nexus 7 was announced at Google I/O last Summer, and ever since, accessories for it have been nearly impossible to come by. Google has always sold a simple case for it, but nothing else. Third-party companies have also treated the device like a red-headed stepchild, as only a handful of true, quality accessories and cases for the device have been released. A few weeks ago, however, we finally saw an official dock for the Nexus 7 go on sale through select retailers. The only disappointment? It cost a hefty $40. Finally, on Wednesday, Google officially released the official Nexus 7 dock made by ASUS. The dock is available now on Google Play for a cheaper $29.99 pricetag.

When it comes right down to it, the Nexus 7 dock isn’t all that great. It charges the device via the pogo pins found on the side of the device and offers a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting the tablet to an external set of speakers. Google pitches the device as the perfect way to watch movies and television with your tablet, as the it holds it at the “optimum viewing” angle.

The dock is currently listed as shipping within 1-2 weeks, but as Google has shown us before, they generally are able to come in much under that window.

I’m usually a big fan of docks like this. They make it easy to charge your device, while continuing to use it. They’re perfect for your desk or nightstand. But for $29.99 plus shipping and tax? I don’t see it as being worth that. It’s not  wireless like the Nexus 4 Orb is and doesn’t put the Nexus 7 into any special “dock mode.” Personally, I would look into getting a third-party case that can double as a stand before shelling out more than $30 for this. Especially when it has already been discovered that the dock is nothing more than a slab of plastic with a miniscule circuit board crammed inside.

What do you think of the official ASUS Nexus 7 dock? Have you gotten your hands on one yet? Worth the thirty bucks? Tell us down below in the comments!