Motorola XT912 Leaked - Not the "X-phone"

A few weeks ago Google's CFO told us that Motorola won't release any products that will "wow us" by Google's standards, as the company is still stuck with its old pipeline of products, that were planned since around 18 months ago. And now we get this leak about a new Motorola phone that looks much like a Nexus-styled smartphone with round edges.

The phone's codename seems to be XT912, and it seems very unlikely that it would be the X-phone. While I think the phone doesn't look too bad (I'd buy it if it came with Android 5.0, and I was going to buy a new phone soon), there's also not much that unique about it. It also seems to be made out of regular plastic, and I'd prefer if it was made out of some kind of metal, or at the very least polycarbonate (unibody) or (very) hardened glass.

The phone is supposedly going to have an S4 Pro processor with Adreno 320, or possibly even an S600 (I would hope so because S4 Pro is getting old), 2 GB of RAM, and "only" a 720p AMOLED display that could be 4.3" or 4.5", which makes me think that the phone isn't really meant as Motorola's flagship device for this year, but more of a mid-range phone, or some kind of "intermediary" flagship.

The OS looks a lot like stock Android, which makes me happy, because I think this is exactly the thing Motorola needs to do to get back on track, and be loved by the Android community once again. Google should put stock Android on all of Motorola devices from now on. All of Motorola devices should be Nexus-like devices. The phone does look to have some extra Motorola widgets, but I wouldn't mind that so much. I think it's a very good way to differentiate without changing the core of Android.

I would also expect these devices to get at least 18 months of updates, just like the Nexus devices, although I really wish Google would make the upgrade cycle 24 months. That should mean about 4 major upgrades instead of just 3, like for Nexus devices. Since they are owned by them and not by others, it should be easier to do that, too. The only question is if they will want to support them for that long.

[Via TheVerge]

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