Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX Soak Tests Rolling Out, Ditches Custom Apps and Bloatware


Software updates are a thing of serious meaning these days. In some ways an update can improve performance and add new features, but in others it can harm devices even more with bugs and issues. As a not so pleased Moto Bionic owner, yes I'm that unlucky, I know all too well what these updates mean.

There is some good news coming from Moto's side of the fence today though. Apparently the soak tests for the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX have begun. Which means that users of the Motorola Feedback Network are starting to weigh in on what the latest software update includes.


Apparently, the new Jelly Bean update changes the experience on Motorola's devices entirely. Along with removing tons of bloatware apps, Motorola has also killed off most of their custom skinning in lieu of a more stock Android experience. This is surprising, and tremendously exciting, to say the least. It clearly says something about what's coming for the rest of Motorola's devices that will soon be getting an update.

Android purists will certainly be pleased to hear this news. It's all too often that manufacturers change the look and feel of Android, which detracts from the overall experience. One of the biggest reasons that many users flock to Google Nexus devices, is because of the minimal approach Google takes in software design. Consumers tend to like stock Android a lot more, and might I add that I do too.

To see what exactly has been changed, take a gander at the full changelog below.


Motorola RAZR Jelly Bean Update Changelog

As you can see, Motorola added the Chrome stock browser, implemented Google Now functionality, improved Voice Search, added new camera features and improved performance and even fixed a couple other things. If this is a peek at the future of the company, then I definitely approve!

All in all, Motorola's devices are not grievous. In fact, in terms of build quality and functionality they offer quite a bit. Where Motorola actually drops the ball is with all the custom skinning they do. Moto and mobile carriers are well known for bogging down devices with tons of bloatware and unnecessary rubbish. As it would turn out, those days are behind us.


Maybe Motorola truly is changing for the better?

Furthermore, if you accidentally received the Jelly Bean update which rolled out around Christmas Eve, Motorola has just released an official fix for you. The official update will jump you to the latest build of Jelly Bean, which includes all the new features and bug fixes.



* If you are coming from 4.0.4, this will not work. This is only for those that were part of the accidental update group who need to get to the current build of Android 4.1.2. This update is for those running build 98.72.8 only.

*You do not need to be rooted to do this.

*If you are running official ICS build (6.16.211), your update file is here.


1.  Download and place this file on your external storage (SD card): [mirror]

2.  Turn your phone off and boot into recovery (to do this follow instructions in the steps below).


*With phone off, hold down both Volume Down and Up plus Power until you get to the boot menu. Press Volume Down to highlight "Recovery." Press Volume Up to select it.

*Once you see the Android and exclamation point, press both Volume Up and Down at the same time.

3.  In recovery, choose "apply update from external storage."


*Highlight using Volume Down, select using Power.

4.  Find the 98.72.8 file that you downloaded above and select it.

5.  That's it! Just wait until the update is finished and you're good to go!

Via: Droid Life
Source: XDA