Meet The Full List Of Accessories For The Galaxy S IV


You may or may not have heard by now that Samsung introduced their 2013 flagship smartphone the Galaxy S IV yesterday. They put the smartphone through the paces at Radio City Music Hall in New York City with all the glitz of a Broadway show. No doubt you have already been peppered with specs and features in the past nineteen or so hours because that's what we as Android enthusiasts obsess over most of the time. But there is also something else that goes along with a shiny new smartphone, and that's accessories.

The accessory page for the Galaxy S IV went live today and they really brought some interesting things to the table. The South Korean manufacturer placed a lot of emphasis on the S Health feature of their GS4 in last night's program and that carried over to the accessories list. Of course there was also some of the old standbys that we've come to expect for smartphones these days although conspicuously absent was a car dock. So without further adieu we present you with the list of Samsung Galaxy S IV accessories.

The S Band
To start things off we look at the Samsung S Band. This wristband, available in four different colors, communicates with your new GS4's S Health 2.0 app via bluetooth and comes with the following features:

  • Record your steps, calories burned, and distance
  • Check your sleep efficiency by measuring how much you moved while you slept
  • With the simplistic and 10m waterproof design, you can wear it anytime and anywhere

This real time heart rate monitor communicates with the running mate app to control your exercise intensity by checking your heart rate.

The Body Scale
The body scale is another accessory that connects to the health 2.0 app on the Galaxy S IV via bluetooth. This Samsung Body scale also supports up to seven different users profiles.

The S View Cover
This is a unique take on the traditional flip cover case that has a small window in the front that allows the user a quick look at notifications without opening the case.


The Game Pad
This is a wicked cool accessory that offers one touch pairing to your Galaxy S IV via Samsung TecTile. After pairing users can use the dual analog sticks, shoulder keys, and four action buttons to control the action on the screen.  The Game Pad supports devices with displays ranging from 4" to 6.3" inches. (Think about that larger size for a second.)

The Wireless Charging Pad and Cover
This looks to be just the standard qi (we assume) wireless charging pad we have seen before, most notably with the Nexus 4. It's still a disappointment however that this functionality isn't baked into the phone and a separate compatible cover has to be purchased.

The Flip Cover
This is the iconic flip cover made famous by the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note(s) made to fit the current Galaxy S IV.


The Pouch
A basic carrying pouch not much to see here.

The Protective Cover
A traditional Samsung branded hard case for the GS4. This will be available in five colors.

The Headset
A set of white, flat cable ear buds with volume controls and a mic.


Extra Battery
Pretty self explanatory.

And that's the list. Some are the kind you expect to see with every flagship device, but others are really interesting and look to push the Galaxy S IV to the next level. What do you think of these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.