Ingress Gets Updated; Adds Portal Editing, and Other Improvements


For those of you that are still playing Ingress, you'll be excited to see this update coming from Niantic. This is an update for the Ingress app, the intel app was updated a few weeks ago with some nice additions. Currently Ingress is still in closed beta, and we have no information about when it'll be open for everyone to play. Last we heard, was that Ingress would be in beta for quite a while, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. We'll be sure to keep you updated for when Ingress leaves beta and is available for everyone.

So here's what's new:


What's new in v1.21.3:

* Portal Discovery – players can take photos of cool new Portal locations and submit them via the Ingress app to be reviewed and added to the game.
* Portal Editing – players can submit a new photo for an existing Portal, and/or submit suggested improvements to the Portal name, description, or location data.
* Embedded Video Player for story media.
* Improved player GPS location acquisition – more stable, less jumpy.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

So we've got some nice updates and fixes here. How many of you are still playing Ingress? Are you Enlightened or part of the Resistance? For those of you that have already gotten the update, and have been able to use the update, what do you think about it? Let us know down in the comments.



You can grab Ingress from the Play Store now, if you have an activation code. If you don't have one, then you won't be able to play unfortunately. We'll see if we can get some more activation codes to give out to our readers, but we can't promise anything. We'll do our best!