Ingress App Gets Updated Again; Remains Invite-Only Beta for Now


Ingress. The game that people were selling their unborn child to get an invite for. We've held many contests here to give out Ingress invites, but there are still many people who are still looking for an invite. Ingress is a fun game, I kinda had to drop it for now because it's just to much work. But that isn't stopping everyone else from playing. Today Niantic Labs pushed out a new update bringing the app to version 1.22.0 on the Play Store.

So what's new this time around?


Version 1.22.0
* Bug fixes (including better GPS location fix).
* Performance improvements.
* @<codename> mention support in COMM.

So mostly just bug fixes and performance enhancements. But the big feature is @ mention support for agents. This is a big deal. Sometimes when talking to others in COMM chat in the app, you forget to say who you're talking to and it gets a bit confusing when making a plan to take out some of Enlighten's portals. We don't have any invites unfortunately, so if you're not already playing Ingress, this update won't mean much for you. If we do happen to stumble upon some more invites we'll be sure to give them away to our loyal readers.

You can grab Ingress from the Play Store and check out the new update, and see if the GPS Location bugs have actually been fixed. Let us know in the comments below how you're liking/disliking this update for Ingress.