In Google's Quest to Take Over the World, eCommerce Could be the Next Move


Google is one of the first places that we all go when we hear of a new product, no matter what that product is. When we hear of something cool, we Google it, then perhaps, we move on to Amazon or maybe eBay to buy the product. Why is this? Because, Google Shopping has not been a viable option for buying many products. It seems now though that Google may just have something up their sleeve that will help them push their way to the top of the eCommerce space.

Should these rumors be true, and the report as of now should be taken as just that, Google would be in direct competition with Amazon Prime in this space. As well, Google would be taking on the likes of eBay Now and Instacart.  The service, to be called "Google Shopping Express", would be available at a $10 discount over Amazon Prime, starting at just $69 per year. It is believed that the service would include same-day delivery from online versions of big-box stores such as, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, and Safeway. No specifics are known at this time, but the use of Google Shopping and Google Wallet together as an easy way to get products from these retailers to your front-door in no time at all seems like a good plan to us.


Google recently purchased BufferBox, a self-service parcel pick-up service that allows a consumer to have their packages shipped into the BufferBox system and then pick-up the packages at their leisure from a BufferBox location. Google has also acquired Channel Intelligence, a move that should boost their esteem in delivery and sales. The moves to acquire these resources seems to point to something big heading our way involving Google and shopping/delivery.

The Google Shopping Express project is said to be spear-headed by Tom Fallows, who has served as eCommerce Product Manager at Google. Fallows, according to his LinkedIn profile, has 15 years experience in the field of eCommerce "first at start-ups and now at Google". Fallows founded the start-up back in 2002 before moving on to Google and creating Google Trusted Stores. If Google is looking for a person that they can rely on to take Google Shopping and build an eCommerce dynasty, he seems like a man with the experience and credibility to do so.

It seems as if Google is not going to let the cat out of the bag on this one until it is fully baked, but we will keep you informed with any leads we get on the matter. What do you think of Google getting diving head-long into eCommerce? It definitely is a space that has room for some improvement, or at least there is always room for some more Google, right?



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