In Case You Missed it: The Groovy Galaxy S IV Intro Video

The Samsung UNpacked 2013 Episode 1 is a mouthful of a name and it is also now over. In case you missed it, Samsung released the Galaxy S IV intro video complete with the groovy tunes that we all witnessed at the beginning of the event.

The video highlights a lot of the features that were announced for the Samsung Galaxy S IV. You will witness both the Black Mist and White Frost versions of the 5-inch, 1,080p flagship that Samsung has presented for 2013.

The device features an updated Nature UX, while in the past Samsung had presented TouchWiz UI. Perhaps the new name, which actually came along last year, will catch on this time and end the TouchWiz ill will. Samsung also presents us with Air-View, a feature that allows the user to apply gestures and touches while hovering a finger above the display, much in the styling of the Galaxy Note/Note II S-Pen. Smart Pause is there as well, and will pause videos when the user looks away from the device. Glove mode is also featured in the video and is pretty self-explanatory. It lets you control the device with gloved fingers.

There are also a slew of features that are similar to features that we have seen on this year's other new devices. Sound & Shot, Dual-Shot, Dual-Recording, Share Screen, and Dual Video Call all resemble something that we have seen before, but are new to Samsung Galaxy Family and are featured in the video.

The Galaxy S IV will also obviously teach you a few valuable life lessons and help you get along and communicate better with others, or at least that's what I get from the video. Actually, I find S-Health and S-Translate to be two of the most interesting features showcased. S-Translator brings the ability to translate text into nine different languages and then the reply from that language back into text on your device. There are countless situations that I have found myself in where this would've come in very handy. S-Health has a built-in pedometer and will even track your food's nutritional values. It will also track ambient temperature and humidity. Any device that can help us live healthier is one that I wouldn't mind having at my side.

Check out the video for anything else that you need to know about tonight's event in 4 minutes 24 seconds.




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